Behind every family is a strongman. Each family has a dedicated strongman the kingdom of darkness has assigned to monitor the progress of that family, he seeks to control what comes in and what goes out. If you bind the strongman, you will have a wonderful breakthrough. This is a period to do this, a period of long fasting because some demons will not go until you add fasting to prayer. I can tell you this authoritatively as someone who has been involved in deliverance for over 20years. Time of fasting is the time you see the manifestation of the fire of God. You remember how the disciples of Jesus were struggling to cast out a demon, after Jesus went to the mount of transfiguration. But the disciples could not cast out the demon.  Jesus came and gave one command and the demon left. The disciples took note and later asked Jesus why they could not cast out the demon. Jesus blamed their lack of faith and secondly, he said howbeit, this type goeth not out except by fasting and prayer. There are certain things that will not bow unless you add fasting to your prayer. Stronghold issues require fasting.

Fasting does not change God but it changes you. It shows placement of value. It intensifies your connection to the frequency of heaven. You will become a dangerous person. The time of fasting is the time you receive signals, divine direction from heaven. No matter the difficulty, there is one word that can dissolve it. No matter the stronghold there is one flash of wisdom from heaven that can dissolve it. That is why true children of God are going to be providers of solution. They will be problem solvers. The world will be so much in darkness that they will look out for the children of God. Those that worship God in spirit and in truth. Children of God are going to be relevant. Those who are connected, those who are not contaminated, those who are consecrated. The world will rally round them. They will speak a word, it will produce solution.

The problems that are going on in the world are problems that no book has recorded. Heaven has the answer to every problem and those who will get connected to heaven are those who will download the solution. They will score goals but they are not footballers. Ordinary people will do extraordinary things. And people will come and ask them, how did you do those things? To God be the glory. Through Christ we shall do valiantly. This scripture is going to be fulfilled in the lives of those that are connected. That is why you need to get your connection right. Get connected and consecrated. I was trying to teach someone about the 4C’s that make a man of God, but God said that there are not just 4C’s but there are 7C’s because 7 is a number of perfection. You need to value what you have. If you don’t value what you have, the world will give you what it had. Look at Daniel,the world tried to give Daniel what it has but he said NO that he will not bow. It’s all about worship,  the church should return to producing worshippers. The church does not need bigger auditorium, cathedral, what the church needs are men who are completely sold out to God. Men who are desperately in love with God,  so fanatically in love with God that the idea of substituting that love for any other thing does not even remotely exist. When we have that, there will be revolution and the world will bow before the church. And you can be one of those men because God is looking for that man to stand. When others have bowed,  may you be the one standing. The world has got into the church. The church is battling with the principles of the world. The same principle of Nimrod. They are pursuing the same things, that the world is pursuing, money,position, pride of life, my cathedral is bigger than your own. We are called to be soul winners. How many souls are credited to your account? Reinhard Bonke has gone with 77 million souls. How many are you going to go with? How many cathedral did he build? How many private jets did he fly. I leave you with that. Between Reinhard Bonke and the president of nations who is more successful? Earthly honour, heavenly dust. God will deliver us.


  • Isaiah 10:27  “And it shall come to pass in that day, that his burden shall be taken from off thy shoulder, and his yoke from off thy neck, and the yoke shall be destroyed because of the anointing”. The yoke will be broken because of the anointing. Jesus is the anointed one. 
  • Heavenly Father, I stretch my hands to you and I ask you to cleanse me with the precious blood of your son Jesus Christ. Cleanse me, cleanse my heart,hands, my thought life make me clean. Purify me, make me pure as I stretch my hands to you, I depend on you.
  • Anyway that my connection has not been right with you. Lord I repent and ask you to reconnect me and let there be a perfect flow and let this flow continue to produce deposits in my life in the name of Jesus.
  • I use the power in the name of Jesus to break the hold of the strongman suppressing my life, joy, breakthrough, and my nation. I break your hold in the name of Jesus.
  • In the powerful name of Jesus, I bind you strongman opposing my miracle. I destroy your works in the name of Jesus, I cast you into the abyss and terminate your operation. Every weapon you have fashioned against me, I decree will never prosper in Jesus’ name.
  • I decree every hand manipulating my destiny, contrary to the will of God be completely paralysed right now. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


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