One of the beautiful things about walking with the Holy Spirit is that you cannot beat the Holy Spirit, whatever is hidden He will bring it to light and it will show because His knowledge is the greatest knowledge there can ever be, He’s Omniscient, He knows everything, He was there when the thing (whatever it is) was done and covered. What can you cover from the sight of the Holy Spirit? Absolutely nothing! The only place you are free to commit sin and it will be covered is where He cannot see you, and that place doesn’t exist. Now once we realize this and begin to walk in the consciousness of His ever abiding presence in us, our lives will change.

Right believing and right living are not mutually exclusive meaning that the occurrence of one does not exclude the other. If your right believing is not producing right living, then something must be wrong. Righteousness is not passive it is active and your righteousness should produce fruits. One small erroneous theology is what you need to live anyhow and end up anywhere.

God help me, remove every error from my believing, every theological error that is capable of sending me the other way, Lord let it dissolve today and disappear. Straighten my life, straighten my theology, straighten my belief system and let it begin to produce far reaching results, fruits of righteousness in the name of Jesus, let the fruits of righteousness abide and abound in my life, everywhere I operate, thank you faithful God, in Jesus’ mighty name, amen.

TEXT : Psalm 24

It is time to stand and say Lift up your heads o ye gates! A gate is defined in the dictionary as a moving structure within an opening that controls entrance (what comes in) and exit (what goes out). It is time to pay special attention to the things that come in and go out in our lives as we set our hearts to seek the Lord. According to the scripture we just read, gates do have heads and until they are lifted, the king of glory cannot come in. Anything that is shutting the glory of God off from your life is your enemy. Anything that does not want you to gain access to the throne of grace is your number one enemy because your greatest asset is your access to that throne of glory and until the king of glory comes in, you will not see the glory. You can have glamour, but what you need is glory because glamour is only a counterfeit of glory. Glory is the original deal, and your greatest defense is the glory defense. Your greatest protection is the glory protection, the glory cover. It is when the glory departs that all manner of things begin to happen in homes for instance. When the glory departs, people begin to grope in the dark, and all manner of things, sickness, disease, death, come in. This is what the devil targets when he makes you to commit sin, his target is to make sure that your glory cover is weakened, sin cuts short the glory of God. What controls what goes in and what comes out should be of vital importance to everybody.

Mathew 16 vs. 18 makes us understand that there are gates of hell. Gates need to be well dealt with if you are to access the blessings that are on the other side. You have some body gates because there are some things that control access into your body as you carry them and they are the nose, eyes, mouth, ear… you need to guard your body gates very well so you do not let in what should not come in.


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