Text: Psalms 29: 1-11, Isaiah 8: 8-10

We thank God for His grace. It is by His grace that we are meeting and things are getting better. You cannot come to the God of better things and things will not get better. “They looked unto Him and their faces  were enlightened”. The presence of God renews, reinvigorates, restores, revitalises and refreshes. It is a privilege that we are connected to Him.


  • Appreciate the Lord for the grace to keep coming and keep downloading what he has in store for us. Mighty God we cannot thank you enough for your grace which you have given to us. We thank God for the grace to see the last Monday in the year 2019 in perfect health and wonderful provisions. Thank God for the grace that has been shielding, protecting and giving us signs and wonders. We say thank you Daddy for your goodness and mercy. Thank you for the power of your outstretched arm. We give you honour and glory. Only you are worthy to be praised in the name of Jesus.

The Lord drew my attention to something today, that all the messages preached this year produced a lot of tangible miracles.  In Blessed beyond curse, many notable miracles happened. When we got to dealing with different seals, it was explosive. People began to see evil seals destroyed in their lives. We entered the hand of God. The hand of God is still producing miracles. The day we came to say thank you Jesus, another miracle happened. Somebody just finished writing the Seven prayer request, he was trusting God for. The answer to his first prayer point came in less than an hour. Now the appointment letter is in his pocket. Anywhere the testimony is shared, people will tell you that this is the hand of God. The hand of God is not to be hidden, the hand of God is to be visible. The hand of God is a seal of God. And then, we had there shall be deliverance, that was when the blind man who went to write a promotional exam received his sight. That is not the biggest of all the testimonies, God used Chiamaka’s testimony to encourage me. We saw how this little girl was so demonized. She was initiated as a baby and handed over to the demons. Guess what God did, this girl was not only delivered, but was filled, transformed , empowered and now she is fruitful. She came to me and said that the Lord told her that our teenagers are living double lives. Will she be permitted to minister to them? Yesterday, she ministered to them and there was a great revival and many teenagers testified of their encounter. God has raised a prophetess, an evangelist, an apostle and a teacher in that girl. What she is carrying, many archbishops don’t carry it. She needs our prayers. We have to place value on what we have here. It is because of wrong placement of value that you still see empty seats.  God is adding to the fellowship on daily basis inter- continentally based on what we receive here, some of the days we cover the 6 continents before 12 noon. The word of God is being preached here raw. There is hunger for the real word. We saw the life of Chiamaka, you heard demons speak, roar, manifest, taunt, and resist. This bible respect it, we also saw the demons leave. This is what the power of God can do. In taking someone from the pit in which there is no water and bringing the person to become an evangelist and testifying the goodness of the Lord and helping to bring others to the marvelous light of God. She is now a deliverer, anointed with uncommon anointing. The lord is using her to win souls.


  • Lord thank you  because the word is producing results, thank you specially for Chiamaka, thank you for her salvation, transformation, in filling of the holy spirit, empowerment,making her fruitful. We hand her over to you. Pleas protect and shield her. Bless and establish her in a way that will surprise everyone. We soak her life with the blood of Jesus. In Jesus name. Amen.


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