Deut. 33:25

May the Lord go before us and overturn and overthrow evil powers walking against the purpose of God in our lives in the heavenlies, on earth and beneath the earth. Heavenly Father deprogram every program of hell concerning us in the year 2020 with respect to our destinies. Almighty God, graciously nullify every evil verdict that has gone ahead of us in the name of Jesus. May the blood  of Jesus speak better things for us. May you empower us and fortify us to crush the enemy under our feet, to possess our possession and to take delivery of all our blessings in the name of Jesus. May the Lord supernaturally empower us in Jesus name. Read Heb.12:22-24. We need to use this scripture often. As we gather so also the enemy gathers to neutralize our efforts, but we tap into the power that is in the word of God to overcome the enemy. The voice of God will thunder anywhere we are summoned with an unscriptural decree over our head. Even while we are asleep, God has programmed a speaking ministry in the blood of Jesus. As you appropriate the blood, it will avail for you. There is a blood that cries, like the blood of Abel but the blood of Jesus speaks better things. It speaks prosperity, life, progress, favour, divine elevation and health…

Anytime we gather, we have all it takes to cancel every evil verdict anywhere.


  • Anywhere in the covens of darkness, in the altars in the heavenlies and altars on the earth, altars under the earth that evil decisions have been taken over any of us, as we stand in the name of Jesus according to  Heb.12: 22-24 we saturate our lives in the blood of Jesus, we plead the blood of Jesus over everything that concerns us, and cancel every evil decision against us in the realm of the spirit by the superior speaking of the blood of Jesus in Jesus name. We appropriate the cleansing ministry in the blood of Jesus, we declare our total liberation from evil in Jesus name. We use the power in the blood of Jesus to cancel every evil dream transaction we have ever had.
  • We command every evil verdict to break now. We break the power of evil verdict over our lives, destinies, families, fellowship in the name of Jesus. Evil decisions taken over our lives be revoked, be reversed, be terminated in the name of Jesus.
  • We bind you spirits enforcing any evil verdict in the name of Jesus. We bring desolation upon your altars. We release the blood of Jesus against the covens of darkness and against the evil powers that have vowed against the purpose of God for our lives. We terminate their operations in Jesus name.
  • Let the blood of Jesus arise and speak for us , better things, fruitfulness, progress, restoration, miracles, signs and wonders, divine favor, divine elevation, empowerment, promotion, protection, success, comprehensive dominion, open heavens, accelerated progress….
  • Lord, we thank you, we bless you. It is written that we shall decree a thing and it shall be established. So we decree the termination of every evil verdict  in any area of our lives. We command all the power of blockades to be utterly destroyed and be rolled away. We command all the satanic embargoes to be lifted in the name of Jesus. We command every evil seal to be shattered in the name of Jesus. We call down the judgement fire against the enforcement of evil in any area of our lives and walk in dominion over darkness. We command full restoration of whatsoever the enemy has tampered with or delayed or miscarried in any area of our lives in the name of Jesus. AMEN.

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