The Role of Ingratitude in Disobedience

The first sin was not disobedience but ingratitude. A perfect God created a perfect environment; made a perfect man and placed him in a perfect environment; so, a perfect man in a perfect environment with only one instruction. Where did Adam show gratitude or worship? When God created Eve, Adam never thanked God; he only went ahead and performed a naming ceremony. That ingratitude progressed to the point where he eventually allowed sin to overwhelm him. He bought into disobedience because what God asked him to do he did not, he did not watch over the garden and a snake entered. Where was Adam when the serpent was frolicking with Eve? And when eventually Eve was seduced and did what she was not supposed to do, instead of rebuking her, he partook of the fruit, elevating the word of his wife above the word of God. That is why God is still looking for a man. There are certain battles that women cannot fight. If the world is upside down today, it is because we have more Adam. It is when men sleep that the enemy comes to sow tares.

The healing of any nation must start from the Church, the healing of the Church must start from the home, the healing of the home must start from the marriage, the healing of the marriage must start from the man. Today, we have more Adams than worshippers; a true worshipper will magnify God, a true worshipper is so fanatically in love with God that the idea of substituting that love for anything else does not even remotely exist.

Ingratitude goes before disobedience. Ingratitude is the root of disobedience. If Adam had placed enough value on his relationship with God, he would not have disobeyed. Before you disobey an instruction, you must have first and foremost devalued the one who gave the instruction. ‘Who are you to tell me? I think I have a better opinion’, that is devaluation. The will that God gave man is the greatest problem of man today. Meanwhile, God gave man freewill out of love, “let us make man in our image, after our likeness”. God elevated man above every other creature and gave him a free will. What stopped God from making man to obey him ab initio? that is the question a lot of philosophers are asking. If God created man that way, man would have been a mannequin; a robot and man would not have been in God’s image and likeness. God wants you to freely make up your mind to obey him; he doesn’t want to compel you to do so.

When the children of Israel were being bitten by snakes in the field and were dying, Moses consulted God and God gave him a pattern of a brazen serpent so that whoever looks up to the serpent will live. What is that snake? It is a type of the cross of Christ. What is the significance of the cross? As long as the banner of our Lord Jesus Christ is lifted; the blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth is the blood of total liberation from sickness, from disease, from death, from poverty, scarcity, lack and from every woe. Why? Jesus was complete in obedience. It was at the cross that the greatest spiritual energy was released on earth. The Church started getting weaker and weaker when the Church started preaching other things other than the cross and reserved the preaching of the cross only for Easter.

Let’s look at the technical dimension of the word of God, if you comply, you will be amazed. God wants you to serve; everybody wants to be the boss, people no longer want to serve but they want to be served. Service is a seed that will produce bountiful harvest in your life while you are still here. God will bless your bread, he will bless your water, he will take sickness away from you and ensure that the number of your days are fulfilled so no witch can eliminate you. Serve God and you will have peace. You will have dominion over sickness. Do you want to have dominion over sickness? The key is – SERVE THE LORD


  • Heavenly Father, this year, help me to serve you like I had never done before in the name of Jesus. Help me to walk with you, help me to be sincere and to purpose in my heart to serve you more than I had ever done. Show me where to and how to and guide me to optimize the blessings of service in the name of Jesus. Thank you faithful God, may your name be praised and may your name be adored in Jesus name.


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