operation 18:18


Most of the time when we pray, we don’t pray according to the will of God; we impose our will on the will of God, meanwhile, he has a better blue print for us. How many of us have learnt to pray ‘let thy will be done?’


  • Heavenly Father, I am sorry in any way that I have not complied with your instructions, I am sorry. Your instructions are meant for my good, your instructions are meant for my wellbeing but many times, Lord, I have out of my own self will done things outside your purpose; outside your will, Lord I have not been a diligent keeper of your instructions, I am sorry, please have mercy on me and forgive me and cleanse me and purge me and purify my soul and make me holy.
  • This year Lord, help me to be diligent in keeping your word, help me to be diligent in obeying your instructions, help me to be diligent in walking with you, in keeping your commands and your statutes in the name of Jesus. Grant me this grace and let your blessings flow supernaturally to me. The supernatural blessing of obedience Lord let it flow into every area of my life this year. May I experience you, your favour, your goodness, your faithfulness, and the blessings that follow them that walk with you in the name of Jesus. Thank you faithful God, I depend on you. Help me in my walk with you, in Jesus mighty name I pray.

Exo. 23:25

“And ye shall serve the LORD your God, and He shall bless thy bread, and thy water; and I will take sickness away from the midst of thee.”

Can you identify your own part in this promise? Serve the LORD. You can decide not to; it is not automatic. That is the technical part. Personal decision. When people come to see me that they want to marry any of the people I pastor, those whom I love in the real sense of it whom I want the best for, the least I expect from such a person is, love God. Whatever you are now is not what I am seeing, I am seeing what you can be; what God can make you and that is predicated on obedience, simple decision. You can short-circuit what God can make of you and run your own blue print, but there is no blue print that is equal to the blue print of God. It is only in the original blue print of God that you will have comprehensive success. If you run your own blue print you will succeed to fail. I usually put such a man on my hot seat and my interaction with the man will reveal whether or not he is serious. Many married people cannot even tell you the reason why God established marriage; something as delicate as that, something that can determine how and where you will end! When it comes to the issue of marriage, a lot of young people impose their will on their parents, they impose their will on their pastor, they impose their will on the will of God and yet expect God’s endorsement.

To serve the Lord your God is not automatic but there is blessing for serving. You can rephrase it a little in order to bring out the technicalities. If you serve the Lord your God, he will bless your water, he will bless your bread, he will take sickness away from you, the number of your days, he will fulfil. Let’s learn to always look at our responsibilities whenever we study the word of God. Every promise of God in the scriptures is a covenant and God is a covenant keeper. If it is not working, check your life; I can tell you where the problem lies, it is never with God, always with man. Problems come when man thinks that he can be cleverer than God. God went to the extent of telling the children of Israel what to eat and what not to eat. Scientists have now discovered that everything that God asked us not to eat is not good for our health. You cannot be wiser than your maker, you cannot be more advanced in science and technology than the One that said ‘let there be light and there was light’, the creator of the universe. We need to understand this and tremble at his word and comply. The greatest problem of man is the will of man in tandem with the will of the snake; disobedience in the garden of the heart.


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