operation 18:18


Vital Lessons from the Wise Men

There are star gazers all over the place; you need to be very careful. A star is meant to be visible to everyone – friends and foes alike, those with good intentions and those with bad intentions. You need wisdom to be able to navigate in a wicked environment and come out unhurt.

Pray –

  • Any power rising against my star, any power rising against the star of my children, I come against you in the name of Jesus. I raise the blood of Jesus against you. I plead the blood of Jesus against you in the name of Jesus Christ. Let every evil eye that is set against the purpose of God for our destiny go blind. Let every evil hand that is stretched forth against the purpose of God for my destiny wither in the name of Jesus.
  • Father, let not the foot of pride come against me neither let the hand of the wicked remove me. Grant that the enemy will never be able to perform their ungodly enterprise in the name of Jesus Christ.
  • Insulate me from the wickedness in the world – wickedness of occultism, witchcraft, idolatry, neighbourhood wickedness, household wickedness, environmental wickedness, territorial, geographical, continental and international wickedness. Lord, insulate me by the power of the blood of Jesus to fulfil my destiny because of your guidance and because of your presence in Jesus’ name.

5. The wise men were disciplined.
You cannot accomplish any mission without discipline. It takes a disciplined lifestyle to follow through your decisions and to even follow through the guidance of the leading light. It takes discipline to be focused and not to be distracted. Without discipline no one can accomplish much. It takes discipline to be diligent, to stretch. Extreme discipline will help you go the extra mile. Today, this is lacking. The average Churchgoer today has a long way to go – put him through a little test and you will be amazed. What is object of your love? A pastor must make up his mind about whom to listen to – God or the congregation. If you follow the congregation, you will go to hell with them. A shepherd should always be ahead. If you remove the supernatural, there is nothing left, church becomes a carnal gathering. It takes discipline to be a disciple. If you are not ready for discipline, then you are not ready to be a disciple. Without discipline, no one can be a disciple. Unfortunately, the Church is no longer raising disciples. ‘Lovest thou me?’ Jesus is still asking every Peter, every Paul and every Mary. If you love Jesus, you will spend quality time in his presence. His presence will not irritate you, you will not go into his presence to fulfil all righteousness. You will tarry in his presence. The Church is rich but where is character? We have beautiful cathedrals, but where is the move of the Spirit? How many people get saved during services today?

Pray –

  • Heavenly Father, make me a disciplined follower of Jesus Christ all the days of my life. You know where I am leaking, please help me. You know my real heart desire; you know the status of my heart. You know where my heart is tending, Help me, Lord Jesus. Grant me grace to be a true worshipper, to be a true believer, a disciplined follower of Christ in spirit and in truth in the name of Jesus.
  • Help me to place comprehensive value on my relationship with you. Help me not to play games with my relationship with you.
  • Lord, make it impossible for me to play games with my relationship with Jesus.


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