If you want to be a disciple of Jesus Christ, you need to take up the cross on daily basis and follow him. This is the prescription of Jesus Christ for discipleship. There is no short cut. No cross, no victory. No cross, no dominion. No cross, no redemption. We need to go to the cross on a daily basis. The Church needs to return to the message of the cross and shout it. When the Church moved away from the message of the cross and started preaching other messages, she became weaker and weaker. There is no other prescription. The cross is the joker. The cross is the symbol of dominion. It is the symbol of comprehensive victory over leviathan and the dragon that is in the sea.

You can never disarm an enemy you have not accurately discerned. You cannot have dominion over an enemy you have not defined. So, who is the dragon?

The dragon is the chief administrator of evil and he is described as the God of this world. 1 Cor. 4:4. He was the prince of nations according to Matt. 8:9. He is the author of mischief, sorrow, diseases, pains and death itself. He is the king and ruler of all demon spirits. He rules the dark hosts of hell. His chief desire is to bring sorrow to the heart of God, our heavenly father. But he has missed it big time. He has failed because God always has a joker; he is always ahead of the devil. This is because God is sovereign. The devil is only a created being, a creature. God is the creator, the creature can never be ahead of the creator. The creator is sovereign over all.

The titles of the Devil

The titles of the devil define him a lot. These titles are borne out of his characteristics: –

  • The devil.
    In Matt. 13:19, he is called the wicked. He is the wicked one and the administrator of wickedness. Every act of wickedness against you as a person or against your family or what you represent is hereby nullified, cancelled, of no effect whatsoever by the power of the blood of Jesus. Jesus came to neutralize the works of the devil, so every work of the devil, the evil one, is completely neutralized in your life. It ceases to operate in Jesus name. In verse 39 of Matt. 13, he is called the enemy. Every work of the enemy in your life is neutralized, nullified by the power of the blood of Jesus Christ. For this purpose the son of God was manifested that he might destroy the works of the devil. So the work of the enemy is hereby nullified. Whatever the enemy has done against you is reduced to nothing in the name of Jesus.


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