If you do not know how to say ‘NO’ when they offer you nonsense you will be entrapped, that is why we need to be very careful about what we are passionate about because it is what you crave that the devil will use to set trap for you.

May the Lord have mercy on us and help us, and insulate us from every wile of the enemy in Jesus’ name. Amen.

One of the greatest laws that we need to work with is the law of attention, and what makes you place attention on something is value (placement of value). Every tragedy in life can be traced to misplaced value. If Eve had placed value in the word of God she would not have listened to the snake. All times are not equal, there are times that are strategic, strategic times call for strategic actions, and when you take those strategic actions, you set the tone for the year.

There is a limit to the extent God can bless you outside covenant Genesis 17:1-7. If you understand the word of God from the technical part no one can mess you up. The key for exceeding multiplication according to this scripture is walk before God and be perfect, God knows that it is possible to be perfect which is why He gave the commandment. Grace is never license to sin but it is divine empowerment to overcome it, to do what ordinarily you cannot do. This scripture Genesis 17:1-7 tells us about Abraham’s encounter with the God of better things. May we have encounter with the God of better things this year starting from this first month in Jesus name. Any one that will walk with God closely must be a product of encounter; one encounter is all you need. We have a covenant with God that is everlasting and it flows from our progenitor (Abraham). Although we walk in the dispensation of grace, God has not changed His absolutes. The assignment that God rewards is the one He gave, not the one you gave yourself. If you can make up your mind this year to walk with God, you will be amazed.


  • Lord, I want to walk with you this year perfectly. Lord I need grace to walk with you and be perfect in my walk with you, grant me this grace to walk with you and be perfect in my walk with you. I cannot do it alone, I need grace, I need help, I need the anointing, and I need your empowerment, I need your enablement. Strengthen me Lord you know my weakness, you know the banana peels that are set on my path. Do not let any of them capture me. Thank you faithful God, I depend on you oh God, draw me closer to you, and help me to be all you want me to be in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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