operation 18:18


TEXT: Exodus 18:3; Luke 2:52
When God’s favor smiles at you even when you make mistake, it will be like a fashion. God’s favour is all you need to accelerate to the top. The God factor is the strongest factor in life. The greatest success factor is the God’s factor. If you get that success factor right, you will be absolutely unstoppable. It is not only the most gifted that make it. I am talking of comprehensive success, succeeding to succeed.Where does divine favour flow from? Divine favour flows from the benevolent nature of God. The same place that mercy flows from, that’s where favour flows from.The mercy of God is the attribute of God that makes Him overlook our short- comings, and makes Him avert the judgment we deserve. Mercy makes God overlook the judgment we deserve. It is the mercy of God that makes Him forgive our transgressions. The favour of God is that benevolent nature of God that makes Him bestow on us what we did not not deserve. The favour of God is, “though you don’t deserve it, but take it, have it”. You look at yourself, you don’t deserve it but things are falling in it’s right place. Then you will beat your chest and tell yourself, you are not the one that there is an invisible hand lifting you. If you allow that hand, it will accelerate you to the top. Why? The hand is from up. The  direction  your life will move when you are favoured is up.


  • Today, I raise the blood of Jesus against any power that wants to drag you down in the mighty name of Jesus. I cut off every hand that says you are not favoured in the name of Jesus. Any power that says that you will not be where God wants you to be, I command it to bow in the name of Jesus. Any power that wants to distort the blue print of God, let that power submit right now in the name of Jesus.
  • This year, favour will smile at you in the name of Jesus. God will restore everything the enemy has messed up in the name of Jesus. Favour will mix with mercy and grace in the name of Jesus. The name of the Lord will be glorified in the name of Jesus.

    Favour, mercy and grace come from divine benevolence.
  • I prophecy that some of you will experience an early rain. Your rain of favour, blessing, divine empowerment, glory will come to you in Jesus name. AMEN.


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