The force of favour will beautify your life. We were three Nigerians that travelled but favour was following me. I was the only one given one apartment to myself. Lie telling can cut off the flow of favour. If you are favoured, you will be envied, but make sure you don’t envy people because you can’t stop people from envying you. Just keep on connected and let the force of favour continue. When they were looking for who to make a manager, guess who? They were looking for who to receive special training I was the one chosen. Doors were swinging open. After two days my brother-in- law sent a parcel (a box) and changed my wardrobe completely.


  • Lord I want to have a definite appointment with favour this year. It is you that can make it happen. I depend on you. Lord, pencil me down for definite encounter with favour this year that I will refer to, in the name of Jesus. A definite encounter that will become a reference points in my life. Favour me mightily in the name of Jesus. Prov. 3:4
  • Father in the name of Jesus, I ask you to bestow upon me abundance of favour. May I find favour in your sight, in everything I do, every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every week, every month of this year in the name of Jesus. May I find favour all the time, all the way in Jesus name.

Luke 2:52, You can grow in favour and we should grow in favour. Your level of favour last year should not be your level of favour this year. Favour will transform your environment, physical and spiritual environment in the name of Jesus. The force of favour brings transformation. It was the force of favour that smiled at a virgin in Israel that was betrothed to an ordinary man. It was favour that transformed her into the mother of the son of God. Nobody can remove that. The angel that came to greet her said, “you are highly favoured”.  In Luke 2:52; Jesus grew in stature, in wisdom and in favour with God and man. This year may we  increase in stature, in favour with God and man in the name of Jesus. Somebody from this fellowship went for a visa and the woman looked at her and said that I don’t want to give you visa but just take. When you are favoured doors will miraculously swing open for you. The force of favour will swing open for you. The force of favour will swing the door of opportunities open. Don’t follow those that say that there is unemployment and they want to Jet out. All you need is connection to favour. Before you leave the country make sure that the force of favour is with you, that you have contracted the anointing for favour. Those that left the country without the force of favour, suffer untold hardship out there. But I know that there are people who are living like kings here, big time.


  • May you not  overlook signals this year especially righteous signals in the name of Jesus. May you never sow a seed that will cut off the force of favour that is operational in your life in Jesus name. Father make it impossible for me to cut off the force of favour from being operational in my life this year in the mighty name of Jesus.

Click on the link below and pray the Covenant of Divine Favour prayers:

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