As we progress into the end of times, things are not going to get better in the world. People are going to face serious pressure to renounce their faith, to renounce truth. The truth in you is going to be challenged. That is why there is need for general overseers to change their messages; because your greatest asset is your access to the throne of grace and any power that tries to cut it has finished you. You can be blocked even from the pulpit when they begin to emphasize things that they should de-emphasize. It is a form a blockade that can cause you to be very narrow, shallow and parochial. Remember the law of attention; if what you need most is what you have abandoned to focus on things that you really don’t need, you’ve missed it. That is what is happening today; the messages are not preparing people for the next persecution that is coming, they are not preparing people for the emergence of the antichrist, they are busy raising billionaires. Where are you going to spend the money? 


  • Lord, arise against the spirit of the antichrist working against the nations of the world today; engineering circumstances to suffocate Christians. Lord, arise against the spirit of the antichrist in the mighty name of Jesus. Arise against the spirit of persecution of your Church in the mighty name of Jesus.
  • Arise, O God, let your enemies be scattered in the mighty name of Jesus. Break the hold of the antichrist over the nations of the world that your people may freely serve you without fear of persecution, without fear of death in the name of Jesus. Only you can do this. Arise O God, let your enemies be scattered in Jesus name I pray.

We should pray for unbelievers who are lost and dying without Jesus. Psa. 2:8, “Ask of me, and I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession.” We are to ask for the nations, this is because God is interested in mass evangelism, he is interested in souls. The main business of the Church is not about building the biggest cathedral, it not about preaching the best of message, it is not about writing new songs, it is not about writing new books and publishing them, it is about souls. Let’s return to the basics. It is not about more money. It is all about souls that are redeemed, that are saved, souls that are discipled. The greatest miracle remains the miracle of salvation. The Lord did wonderful miracles for us in this ministry last year but the greatest of them all was the miracle of transformation of life; a life that was transformed and  has become a transformer, winning souls for Christ. I rejoice in fruits. Heaven is interested in your fruits. This year, you will never be barren. You need to ask and ask aright. The beautiful thing about praying strategically is that what you make happen in the lives of people, God will make happen in your own life. If you become a strategic prayer warrior, heaven will take note of you.


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