1John 3:8b. It is the Son of God in us  that will destroy the works of the devil. No matter the way the work is, the size of the work, dimension of the work, the son of God will destroy it in our lives and give us victory. Remember, in heaven; He won the battle, on the cross; He won the battle, in the grave; He won the battle. That’s why, you will not lose the battle.  This year, you will not lose any battle whether in the day, in the dream, you will not lose any battle. 

If the enemy will come like a flood, the Spirit of God will raise a standard against him. That is why our connection with the Lord should be very solid. You don’t even know the battles that are raging over your soul, body, family. There is no how you can know all, that is why He is omniscience. It is time  to let the Holy Spirit raise the standard, the banner. The standard is the banner of victory, it is the banner of dominion. It is also a banner of limits that tells the enemy “listen you are not going to cross this boundary”. Our greatest shield is the Holy Ghost shield. May the Holy Ghost shield us as we go out as we come in. The shield of the Holy Ghost will shield us from trials, from the enemy. The adversary will never have an upper hand in any area of our lives in the mighty name of Jesus. The Lord will come against the adversary and he will be comprehensively defeated. He will bow by the thunder of God’s power. He will submit.

The Bible says, ‘say unto God, how terrible thou art in thy word, through the greatness of thy power shall all thy enemies submit’. The enemy must submit this year. Your declarations must be very loud this year. Do you notice that the children of this world are very aggressive in pursuit of what they want? But a lot of Christians are timid. Timidity is not part of it. You need to be positively aggressive where necessary. Evil is like cancer, a very aggressive disease. An aggressive disease requires an aggressive treatment. The enemy you fail to crush will eventually consume you. That is why God told the children of  Israel not to spare the inhabitants of the promised land but to annihilate them. Saul spared the Amalekites. Eventually, it was an Amalekite that killed him. Don’t spare any Amalekite this year. The time to draw and define the battle line is now. Don’t wait until the first month has passed. Some people are already experiencing early rain. By the grace of God I have experienced early rain. ‘He will come to us like rain, sweet rain….’ Rise and tell the Holy Ghost to raise a standard against the enemy.


  • Holy Spirit arise and raise a standard against the encroachment of evil, against every satanic pressure in my life, in this fellowship. Holy Ghost arise and raise your standard, brood over and take over.
  • Raise your standard against the adversary, against the powers that are encroaching into our lives, families.
  • Raise your standard against powers that are fighting against our destiny. 
  • Raise your standard against the battles of the dream, against powers that fight us in the dream. Raise your standard, Holy Ghost against them and let the battle tide turn against the adversary in every manifestation, in every ramification. Let the battle tide be turned against the adversary in the name of Jesus. Holy Ghost raise your standard in Jesus mighty name, we pray. Amen.


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