Psalms 56: 1-5 (TLB). 

Today is the day that the tide of battle will turn. If you look at this Psalm very critically, you will see somebody who knows his God, who has a solid relationship with God. The beginning of spiritual warfare is true relationship with God. If you want God to fight your battle, you need to consolidate your relationship with Him. Faith is the connector. One definition of faith is ‘forsaking all, I trust Him’, forsaking the signs of the enemy, forsaking the pressure of the enemy, forsaking what they are saying. Just trust God.

I was in Southampton in 1991, there was a gang up against me. There was a man that thought I was interested in his position. It was terrible. One early morning, the Lord woke me up with a song. I didn’t start writing songs, the way I am writing now. From time to time, He spoke with me in songs. I have not forgotten the song. “See them gather with their weapons to fight against my spirit. They have gathered with their weapons to fight against my spirit(2x). They’ve not set God before them, but my hope is in Lord Jesus Christ. Rejoice my soul, the battle belongs to Jesus Christ. Rejoice my soul, in Jesus name I have victory“.

The beautiful thing about the battle we are called to fight is that;

1. It is a battle of faith.
2.We are not for fighting for but we are fighting from victory. I always love it when the Lord visits me ahead with songs before a challenge. That song came many months before the challenge. Who had the victory? Jesus! To Him be all glory. The Lord has really fought for me. We need to connect through faith.

Another definition of faith I like, is correct placement of value in our relationship with God. Don’t let anything come between you and your God this year. Put God first, make God your fortress. Let’s look at the powerful songs God has been giving us. When it was time to move to our present location, He gave us ‘Higher Ground’. Since then, we have produced many songs. Higher Ground has become a studio, and has produced seven albums to the glory of God. Each of these albums is not less than ten songs. God has turned a seemingly impossible situation to a testimony. That’s how your testimony is going to be. Everything that the devil is using to mock your Christianity will become a thing of the past, because it will become a testimony in the name of Jesus.

We need to fall in love over and over with this God who gives us victory over our adversaries. The God who specializes in a miraculous turn around. If you are experiencing persecution in your office, smile, look up! It may be that your time of  change has come. Anytime Goliath appears, don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid of his size. Know that before David will get to the palace, a Goliath must appear. If God wants to change your season, there are some of the things that tells you, it is time. At times, we want to park , we want to settle on our own. But God says, ‘I have something better for you’. There are new areas, new countries to break into, new frontiers. And for every new level, there is a new devil. God schedules a season for you, the devil schedules a Goliath. And the choice is yours. Glory be to God. But in spite of the giant, we will eat the fruits of the land, we will get to the promised land. Only over comers are rewarded in heaven. We got to make up our mind to be over comers and we overcome by the blood of the lamb and by the word of our testimony. This year, let your declaration be loud. Keep not silence, always declare who you are in Christ. That’s your testimony. Say what the word of God says about you, not what the people, the country or the enemy is saying. We must learn to demystify the enemy. Look at what David did, let’s learn from him. You will have a testimony in Jesus name. Amen.


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