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TEXTPsalms 56 :1- 5 (TLB) Anything you do in God’s kingdom that is not from the heart does not carry weight. Today, Monday is supposed to be our intercessory day. One of the definitions of intercessor is one who comes against the forces of darkness. We have very powerful weapons of spiritual warfare that God has given us, we are going to release them today. A time of long fast is a time to be properly utilized. There are things I hope, you have determined to terminate forever. There are things that should not see the next month. If you have that mindset, it will help you because it will go a long way in praying the right prayers. Things don’t change until you enforce the change. Change does not just happen.

True change happens with decision. You have to be determined that things will change. When I was fed up with the ministry of defense, I told myself ‘it is time’. And guess what? By April of that year, God liberated me. I was airborne to United States of America. When we were fed up with 24 Okota Road. How much did we have in our account then? God gave us a song; “It is time, clean up. Let’s go, let’s go, higher ground”. The Lord gave us a strategy. The greatest strategist there can ever be is God. And we need to allow Him to lead us as a general. How many of you know that God is a warrior? Jesus is the Lord of hosts. The host of heaven and hell.  Heaven is highly militarized. That’s why I get concerned at Christians who are civilians. We are not supposed to be civilians, we are supposed to be clothed with the whole armour of God.

Don’t ever go to bed like a civilian because you are marked. You don’t know the level of your exposure. I know mine, that is why I am not careless. When you hear that Holy Ghost Fellowship has broken into 150 nations, do you know what it means? That is why I can’t afford to be a careless person. I thank God for grace. The Lord will help you not to be careless this year. You have to be consecrated.

Today, we are going to turn the tide against the enemy. Did the enemy have an upper hand in any area of your life last year? It is time for the tide to turn. You need to set your face like a flint when you are dealing with the enemy, because your enemy is stubborn. He is an obstinate rascal and until he sees maximum power, he will not bow. I laugh at people who frolic with evil, people who try to pacify evil. Evil cannot be pacified, evil cannot be a gentleman. Evil contaminates to consume. If people understand this, they will respect the word of God when it says, ‘ flee from all appearance of evil, because the evil one condones will eventually consume the person. Have a zero tolerance level for evil. Hate what God hates this year and love what God loves and make it part of you. Then you will see heaven back you up, and the enemy will never have an upper hand in your life.

DECLARE : “From now on, the enemy will never have an upper hand in my life, I declare it and it is established in Jesus name.”


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