Study 1 Sam. 4-6; you will see what happened when Israel failed to carry out the injunction in Deut. 12:1-4. The ark of God was captured in battle by the Philistines and taken to the house of their god, dagon. Despite the fact that the children of Israel carried the manifest presence of God to the battle, they were defeated. You can have the presence but do you have the spiritual connection? You can have a giant cathedral but do you have the connection? Is the connection still intact? You can have the physical ark while the God of the ark is no longer there. They were thoroughly defeated, Israel was routed, and the ark of the living God was captured. That is what happens when we neglect the instruction of wisdom that God gives; neglect of simple divine instruction will ultimately lead to captivity. May you not become too familiar with God that when he talks, you no longer tremble.

I rarely see the reverential fear of God in most Pentecostals today; we now take a lot of things for granted even in the presence of God. Liberty that has produced the gospel of ‘anything goes’. The spirit of ‘let us alone’ is the spirit of self-destruction. The ark was captured! The Philistines carried the ark to the house of their god, dagon, a deity which was half-fish and half man. When the attendants of dagon entered the temple the next day, they found that dagon had tipped over, landing on its face, bowing before the ark of the living God. Every contrary god that has held you down must bow in the name of Jesus.

When we talk about the battle of altars, we are referring to the battle of gods – God and gods. Thinking that it must have been a mistake, the attendants of dagon quickly positioned it back to its original position. The next day when they got to the place, the threshold of dagon had not only fallen but its head and hands were broken; its fish part had separated from the man part. Anything that represents dagon in your life must fall in the mighty name of Jesus. Dagon was rendered useless, annihilated. That is what God is going to do to the power that lifts a finger against you; it will be comprehensively annihilated. Every dagon will not only fall, it will be comprehensively annihilated in the mighty name of Jesus. Your dominion over darkness shall be comprehensive, total, nothing left in the name of Jesus. The Lord is stepping into that issue; the powers that tied you down with evil agreements to manipulate you away from the purpose of God will be totally annihilated in the name of Jesus.

Heb. 13:10A, “We have an altar …” You have an altar, everyone has an altar. 1 Pet. 2:5, “Ye also, as lively stones, are built up a spiritual house, an holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices, acceptable to God by Jesus Christ.” In the New Testament, we not only have an altar, we, believers are also altars. This understanding should change our theology. We will no longer see the God that visits but the God who indwells. Our perspective will change from visitation mindedness to habitation mindedness. You don’t have an ark, you are the ark! The ark is the manifest presence of God. The Holy Spirit is indwelling us; we are the temple of the Holy Ghost. That is why where I appear, dagon must bow, where I operate, dagon cannot operate. It is unfortunate that instead of dagon bowing for the children of God, it is the children of God who are bowing for dagon in the name of culture.

I once had an occasion to visit a palace where you are required to remove your shoes before entering. At that time, I didn’t understand the implications of plucking off shoes before entering the palace. But on getting home, the Holy Spirit played it out for me and my eyes were opened. You need to understand the concentration of demons that are in such places. The custodians of such places know who they are, it is only the children of God that don’t know and don’t place enough value on who they are in Christ. When I see a dagon possessed person, I need not talk much, all I need do is raise my hand and see the dagon fall face down. Why? Because I know who I am in Christ Jesus. I know that I am the temple of the Holy Spirit, redeemed, sanctified by the precious blood of Jesus Christ; a carrier of the very essence of God so I expect dagon and occultists to bow in Jesus name and they bow.


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