TEXT: Deut. 12:1-4

We need to understand that in the final analysis, it is going to be “the battle of altars”. That was why God told the children of Israel in Deut. 12:1-4 to utterly destroy anywhere the heathen served their strange gods and he didn’t stop at that, he went ahead to give them the weapons to use to destroy the evil altars. Why? Because evil altars are the headquarters of evil; they are the strongholds from which demons are unleashed to attack his children. He knew that neglecting to destroy them would become the nemesis of the children of Israel.

Altars are serious strongholds. An altar is a meeting place between spirit beings and human beings and there contracts are made; covenants are enacted, sacrifices are made to enact the covenants after which things begin to happen. Altars are either good or evil; if you have an evil altar, demons become the policemen who will enforce the decrees that emanate from such altars. Unfortunately, in Africa, what you have is celebration of darkness; celebration of ignorance, celebration of evil altars. The Church has not done very well in this regard. God’s prescription is not to frolic with evil altars; it is total annihilation. The altars you fail to annihilate will eventually contaminate and consume. This is the nature of evil. The reason people try to de-odourize evil is because they don’t really understand its nature. Evil can never be de-odourized. If you do, it will come out as a stench.

The children of God need to cry out to him for help and the starting point is true repentance; we must acknowledge that we have failed in our responsibilities. When people don’t understand this, they embrace darkness. No good can ever come from anything evil. Evil altars cannot produce anything good. Every person on earth is connected to an altar. You cannot be a good intercessor if you don’t understand the power of altars. You cannot have comprehensive dominion if you have not dominated the altars in the environment where you operate. Altars are very obstinate. Take note of the strong words that God commanded us to use in destroying them – utterly destroy, burn, break, remove; in order words, comprehensively annihilate them, reduce them to nothing, obliterate, blot out their names.

Sadly, some people even bear the names of evil altars, they do the things that their forebears did in the name of culture and then end up in hell. Any culture that does not take you to heaven is evil, break away from it. Do not keep frolicking with nonsense and expect God to endorse it. God can never endorse anything that is evil. Evil by nature will further the works of the devil. If you have a bad name, please change it. From practical experience in working in deliverance ministry for over twenty years, I can tell you that I have seen people who changed their evil names and their fortunes changed for good. If you have a name that is tied to an evil altar, change it. Stop celebrating evil! Whatever you can do to break away from anything that is coming from your roots contrary to the purpose of God in your life, do it; and this is the best time to do so.

Dear Heavenly Father, I ask you to grant me the grace to break away completely from any evil altar in Jesus name. Amen.


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