operation 18:18


The judgment fire is good because it will judge anything that is not good and that is not of God; first and foremost, in your body then in your environment. This is what the church needs especially the church in Nigeria. The church in this nation is in dire need of fire, the fire dimension of the precious Holy Spirit. It is when the glory fire has left that pastors start stealing offering money. You hear that pastors are wooing congregants. When fire is not there, there is no difference between the church and the other places. We need to return to the fire of God’s presence.

Fire will judge anything that is not right. It will not spare even the carrier. There are times that the devil tries to smuggle things into my life, with the fire, all I need to do is to lie down, face up and pray in tongues. By the time I have prayed for almost two hours, even the bed will be electrified with fire. It is real. Whatever the enemy smuggled in dissolves and disappears by fire. This is the secret of divine health. You come out rejuvenated, ready to tear down the strong holds of the enemy. That is what the devil fears. He fears the level of fire you carry. He does not fear your title.

Anybody who carries enough fire does not need “titles”. I threw away my title since the year 2000. The fire of the presence of God will announce you. If there is anything you really need, it is the fire of God’s presence.

Malachi 4:2
The sun of righteousness will arise with His healing wings. How many of you will want to fly on healing wings this year? The fire of His presence not only heals you but makes you a healing agent in a sick world.


  • Lord, let the sun of righteousness arise in my life with healing on His wings. Lord I want to soar on the wings of healing. I want to soar on the wings of the Holy Ghost this year. I want the fire of your presence to catapult me to greater heights in the name of Jesus and judge every sickness, disease, anything that is not of you. Consume it, transform me and make me a transformer. Deliver me and make me a deliverer in the name of Jesus. Let the fire of your presence increase and multiply, flow through me in Jesus name.


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