Sunday service


Everyone has something that inspires him. That is why the book of Ephesians 5:18 says, “And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit”. Every child of God should be led by the Holy Spirit and anyone who is not led by the Holy Spirit is led by another spirit. When you notice people behave abnormally, then know that it is not ordinary. Of course, people come under several influences; some cannot sleep until they have taken substances. One of the greatest benefits we have in the Lord is that the Holy Spirit is resident in us; he controls us, he leads us, he guides us, he shields us, he mentors us and literally directs our lives and bestows upon us his wonderful gifts as well as his wonderful fruits. It is the seal of the Holy Ghost in you that makes you a bona fide citizen of heaven. It is the seal of the Holy Ghost in you that makes you a child of God. It is the seal of God upon your life that makes you his own. It is not everyone you come across that is a child of God. Some are children of other gods and they know it. If you are one of those that are already ceded to any of the idols in the land, you will do yourself a world of good to renounce it, cut yourself off and give your life to Jesus so that He can put the seal of the Holy Ghost on you. Some people come from places that have been dedicated to deities, so they are children of such deities. You should break away from such.

Almost every family in Africa needs liberation because the extent and type of idolatry that is prevalent in the system is so wicked; idolatry in its fundamental form and unfortunately, many Christians don’t deal with this thing from the foundation. They handle them on the surface. A lot of vows were made to idols long before they were born and after those who made the vows die, who will continue to service the idols? After a while, the idol begins to exert its pound of flesh on their family because it is an agreement. Demons can be very legalistic. They know their rights. They are the police of the devil, they are obstinate rascals. So, Christianity that operates at the surface and fails to deal with these things will not take anyone far. The structures of idolatry are so entrenched that if you are not strong in the Lord, you will be recaptured. A lot of people are roped into things they do not know as a result of carelessness. It takes observation to be able to discern. Unfortunately, there are not too many spiritual technocrats around. Take a definite decision because you are in an individual race. Cut off from anything that ropes you into things that will put an evil seal on your life.


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