Gen. 22:16-18, “I, the Lord, have sworn by myself that because you have obeyed me and not withheld even your beloved son from me, I will bless you with incredible blessings and multiply your descendants into countless thousands and millions, like the stars above you in the sky, and like the sands along the seashore. These descendants of yours will conquer their enemies, and be a blessing to all the nations of the earth – all because you have obeyed me.”

This key has been over flogged in many ways but the point still remains that truth can never expire; you cannot overuse truth and you can never over apply the truth. Truth cannot be exhausted, that is one of the natures of truth. As simple as truth is, as clear as truth is, truth cannot change with time but truth can change time. Truth is eternal. Truth explains all. Truth does not need anything to lean on; it is complete on its own. Anyone who misses truth misses heaven. You cannot be a true disciple of Jesus Christ if you have no truth in you. It is so foundational. The Bible says, “For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ” 1 Cor. 3:11.

Everybody wants blessings but how many people can do what Abraham did? The key to sacrificial giving, not just giving but sacrificial giving. Nobody can out-give God. God himself is the number one giver. You cannot be godly if you are not giving. Giving is an expression of love. God so loved the world, he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life. Many times people think that money is the best thing to give but money is the least. You can give money but if you have not given your life, you have not given anything. The greatest seed is not money but life. What are you spending your time on? Your life is measured in terms of time. You love God so much but find it difficult to attend a two-hour program in the Church. I can tell you what you love based on what you spend your time on and how you spend your time.

God so loved that He gave – that is sacrificial giving. That is why when He told Abraham to sacrifice his son – son of old age, the son that meant everything to Abraham, he did not negotiate or debate or delay. He moved. No questions. At a point Isaac asked his Father, where is the lamb? Abraham said, God will provide. How do you think Abraham felt when he asked him that question? The man in him died. He was just moving. Every step he took to the place of sacrifice was like a funeral procession. When he got there, he tied his son and reached out for the knife. Suddenly God showed up and said, don’t! Now I know that you really love me therefore I am going to bless you incredibly. For one son that you have sown as a seed, your seed will be like the sand by the sea shore. You are going to be a father of nations.

Can you say that you are in the faith when you don’t give sacrificially? Money is the least you can give. If you are still struggling with giving money, then, you don’t understand what giving means. Today, it is easy for us to sing ‘Abraham’s blessings are mine, I am blessed in the morning, afternoon and evening, Abraham’s blessings are mine’. Where did you sacrifice your Isaac? What are you holding on to that you cannot give in order to fulfill the purpose of God in your life?


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