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One of the characteristics of every dispensation is that it must end with judgment. Why? Everything in life responds to the law of seed, time and harvest. God is a planter. At the end of every season, he will look forward to a harvest. The Bible says, “While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease” Gen. 8:22. This is a universal ordinance. When you are weighed, may you not be found wanting in the name of Jesus.

One of such prime actors as revealed in the word of God in this end time is the antichrist who will be the second person of the satanic trinity and who will bring great horror and torment to the people of the world when he is physically manifested. The spirit of the antichrist is already at work and also at war fighting over the soul of believers, fighting against the economy, health, wealth of believers and challenging their wisdom. It is fighting against homes, children and everything that matters to believers. It is fighting not with rubber bullet but a war of total annihilation. One of the most stupid things to do is to live like a civilian in a highly militarized environment (a war zone). It is dangerous.

The spirit of the antichrist is already at work and engineering circumstances against the children of God. He will soon put on flesh and fully manifest. The stage is set for the antichrist to put on flesh and fully show his true colour. I have come to realize that the reason why a lot of Christians are weak is because they de-emphasize the technical dimensions of the word of God while they magnify the historical aspect. But the wisdom lies in the technical dimension. The moment the Holy Spirit begins to open your eyes to the technical dimensions of the word of God, you will begin to treasure his word because the Holy Spirit will guide you and you will find the practical applications and then you tremble at the word because you don’t want to violate it.

It is the technical aspects of the word of God that makes you wise. It is not the amount of the word of God that you have in your head that makes you wise, no, because the only one you can apply is the technical. What will make you fear God is the technical side of his word. Knowledge is not power unless it is fully utilized in its refined state of applied wisdom. Beware of “experts”! The knowledge that is not God based cannot produce a comprehensive result that is beneficial to you. The spirit of the antichrist is against everything that matters to you. It has invaded the hospital system, world institutions, judicial and legislative arms of governments and so on.


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