Idolatry is such a serious matter that you must not treat with kid’s gloves throughout your walk with Jesus. Make sure that you don’t pursue things that can make you go astray. It is so easy to focus on something else and miss God. A promotion of an appointment can cause you to forget God; it can take God away from the equation of your life. That is why Christians who go into politics must have very strong christian foundation. You need to be led by the Holy Spirit because you are going into another realm, a battle field.

Jesus asked a very interesting question; “for what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” Don’t be a part time Christian; I don’t think that God designed our walk with him to be on a part time basis. We give about ninety percent of our devotion to our personal pursuits, ambitions and whims while we give God ten percent or less. No! God wants you to fall in love over and over again with him. Place your love for God above every other thing in your heart and then you will see the hand of God.

Idolatry cuts short the hand of God. It causes people to become enemies of God. Eze. 14:1-5, “Then some of the elders of Israel visited me, to ask me for a message from the Lord, and this is the message that came to me to give to them: Son of dust, these men worship idols in their hearts – should I let them ask me anything? Tell them, the Lord God says: I the Lord will personally deal with anyone in Israel who worships idols and then come to ask my help. For I will punish the minds and hearts of those who turn from me to idols.” Many people go to Church with idols in their heart. The Bibles says that all idolaters will end up in hell according to Rev. 21:8. The prosperity message is a good message, unfortunately, it produced all manner of Christians; it has brought in all manner of people into the Church and because of the way it was presented which is to raise funds, we now have big edifices. But is the Church actually the Cathedral or the people? Are we really building people up? This is an evil seal that can send people to hell. Please get rid of every idol in your heart, don’t assume that you don’t have one. Your spouse might be your idol! I strive not to point people to myself; I don’t try to make myself a role model to anyone. Make Jesus your role model.

. Pray –

  • Lord, please search my heart, I am now fully aware of the evils of idolatry, first, I repent and ask you to forgive me in any way that I have entertained any idol in my heart. I am sorry for placing anything side by side you in the garden of my heart. Lord, I repent for giving anything more attention than I am supposed to. I am sorry, please forgive me.
  • In any way that I have pursued money or loved money more than I love you, I am sorry. In your mercy, O God, forgive me and wipe away this error, wipe away this transgression and make me holy, pure, and acceptable to you. Help me to know you, help me to love you more so that I may serve you more in the name of Jesus. Amen.


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