I have seen classical turn around and incredible move of God in the atmosphere of praise. There was a particular Sister, a Lawyer by profession with British citizenship, who had serious issues; everything she had was gone, her life was upside down, her marriage was gone. For some reasons, her British passport was confiscated and she couldn’t return to Britain. When she was referred to me, I fixed an appointment to see her at my house so that I could arrange and schedule a deliverance session for her as I never envisaged that anything would happen that day. She arrived with the brother who referred her to me, also a Lawyer, and as she was narrating her woes, another person walked in who incidentally was also a Lawyer. We couldn’t continue the discussion because of the third visitor and so I scheduled an appointment for her deliverance session.

To round off the discussion, however, I just said, let’s just rise and sing. We sang the song, ‘Jesus, name above all names, beautiful saviour, glorious Lord, Emmanuel, God is with us, blessed redeemer, living word’. Immediately we sang this song, the spiritual atmosphere of my living room changed and we could sense the presence of God all over. Before I could say jack, the man who referred the first Sister was slain on the sofa, the sister herself started spinning and while I ran to shield her from smashing the television set, the third Lawyer started vomiting profusely inside my living room! There was great chaos right inside my living room, unfortunately, I had no help. There was confusion all over the place; I was running all from one person to the other to assist them. It was at that point my wife walked in and she could scarcely hide her disappointment because we had earlier agreed that no deliverance would be conducted in our living room any more. But none of the events that took place that day was planned. Incidentally, this was to be the foundation of this ministry because not long after that, a brother came to share the travails of a particular sister with me and prevailed on me to see her. I told him that I was constrained and narrated the events of this incident to him and that I have an agreement with my wife that I will no longer schedule such appointments in our apartment. There and then, the brother volunteered to release his office and we scheduled an appointment for the sister.

During her deliverance session, she was mightily touched. Before long, we had over seventy people attending our weekly deliverance sessions and the place became too small for us, we had to look for a bigger place. Sincerely, it was not convenient for me at all to make out time for this because I had just resigned from paid employment and was just trying to put things together to start a small business, though the call of God was on me. The time I devoted for this was very sacrificial because I should have been using the same time to build my business; there were bills to be paid after all. I, however, thank God for giving me the grace. Today, Holy Ghost Fellowship International is imparting over one hundred and fifty five nations. That is what God can do. The presence of God manifests easily in the atmosphere of praise. We need to press into the blessings that praise carries.


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