Many years ago, when the Lord led me to be praying for people who were trusting God for the fruit of the womb at the local Church where I was worshiping; after the normal Church service every Sunday, we would move to the deliverance room.  Inevitably, most of the time, I have realized that behind most stubborn challenges in the lives of people that there are some spirits.

Another thing I have also realized is that the time we devote to dealing with issues on Sunday mornings is not adequate to deal with the deep seated issues in the lives of people. At that time, I was still a bachelor and had made up my mind to serve God with all my heart when I noticed the hand of God very strongly upon my life and when I saw the miracles he did. I surrendered after several struggles, it was not easy for me to drop everything that I needed to drop but I did and told God that I was ready. When I left the house every Sunday morning after my bachelor’s breakfast, I didn’t usually know when I would return because the real service began after the close of normal Church service. There was a time, for instance, when God told us that all those trusting God for the fruit of the womb should attend the deliverance session seven times consecutively without breaking it. Surprisingly, only few people were complete in obedience out of the several that showed up for the program at the initial stage. One of them had actually waited for twelve years. Those who complied and were complete in obedience, took in one after the other to the glory of God.

After leading prayers in one of our mid week services, I came out of the main Church to take fresh air in the Church compound and I saw a particular sister, one of those who were not complete in obedience to the instructions of the Holy Spirit. I was particularly interested in her case because she had been waiting for twelve years. She attended only thrice and stopped. She was going to the prayer room to attend a prayer session organized by the Pastor’s wife for those trusting God for the fruit of the womb. They were expected to fast and then after the Church service meet the Pastor’s wife for prayer. I decided to wait for her until after the prayer. As she was coming out of the prayer room, I accosted her and told her that I was not happy about her level of obedience. I asked her which was easier; to come seven consecutive times and take in or to be fasting and praying? At that point, I went further and asked ‘by the way, have you seen Sister X lately? I mentioned the name of a sister who took in after attending the program seven consecutive times and whose pregnancy was then visible. There and then, the Sister started weeping uncontrollably. I left her knowing that I had touched something inside of her. The next Sunday, she was the first person to show up at the deliverance room and she told me that she was now ready. I welcomed her back but told her that she would have to start the deliverance prayers all over again and ensure that she came seven times consecutively. She complied.

Not too long after that, the sister took in and gave birth to a bouncing baby boy who today is an architect, to the glory of God. Some months after the delivery of her son, she came again to the deliverance room, this time around with her husband, and told me that they were ready for another one. We prayed and she took in again and gave birth to a baby girl who has graduated from the university to the glory of God. Many of the people who came in for the program were unable to participate seven times; only very few of them did. One of them actually came to me to ask me to excuse her because her in-laws came around for a visit and she needed to take care of them. The powers fighting against the destiny of a lot of people are so wicked and dangerous; if they have their way, no one will breathe fresh air! That sister left but I told her that when she returned she would have to start all over again. To the glory of God, when she returned and completed the seven sessions, she took in and gave birth to a bouncing baby girl. There is something about being complete in obedience; we need to retrain ourselves to be complete in obedience. It is so easy to be partial in obedience while thinking that we have obeyed especially in the world today where people are very busy minding other things. The weapons of our warfare are not carnal; what makes them mighty is the Almighty God Himself. The supernatural empowerment that God gives is what transforms the weapons of our warfare to be very potent.


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