Before you can disobey an instruction, you must have belittled the person who gave the instruction. Do you know that disobedience is described as disloyalty? In the military, disobedience is a very serious offence which attracts a punishment of court-martial.

Every act of disobedience is disloyalty and smacks of ingratitude. Who gave you the will? Disobedience originates from the carnal (unregenerated) will of man. The will that is adamic is one of the things we inherited from Adam; the unregenerated will of man. A perfect man was given one command and he couldn’t keep it despite the fact that he was in a perfect environment. A perfect man in a perfect environment with just one command. I marvel at people who think that they can keep the Ten Commandments in their own strength. If a perfect man in a perfect environment could not keep one command, how can you, an imperfect man in an imperfect environment keep ten? That is why you need Jesus. It is only through him that we can accomplish this. God takes over your battles when your obedience is complete.

When God gives you an instruction, take note. Don’t overlook any instruction that God gives you; take note and be detailed about it. Make up your mind that every part of it is meant for your good and it is only when you are complete in obedience, in every sense of it, that you will see his hand and when his hand is in operation, no power, either in flesh or out of it can stop the hand of the almighty in your life. You need to yield your will to Jesus. Jesus said “my meat is to do the will of him that sent me, and to finish his work” John 4:34. Jesus was complete in obedience; he humbled himself. The reason why a lot of people find it difficult to be complete in obedience is because of pride – ‘I think I have a superior opinion, I think I can do it better’, this originates from the carnal nature of man. The only place where you can deal with the carnal nature of man is the cross; it was settled on the cross. The closer you come to God, the more broken you become. It is very easy to identify those who have not been to the cross; they are always full of self. Such people are always looking for a god that will worship them and not a God to worship. God resists the proud because pride is not a horizontal sin but a vertical sin. It is an affront to Jehovah. The only people that cannot be blessed are those who are full of self. In spite of how powerful the hand of God is, it cannot touch them; what they receive instead is judgment. There is the judgment side and there is the blessing side of the hand of God.

Pray –

  • Lord, help me to be complete in obedience in my walk with you. In any way that I have resisted your word, in any way that I have been selective in my obedience to your word, I repent today and I ask you in your mercy to forgive me and help me.
  • Help me to be complete in obedience; help me to surrender my will completely to the will of your dear Son Jesus Christ. Help me not to cheat myself in the name of Jesus.
  • I acknowledge you as my sovereign God and stretch my hands to you, I connect to you and I ask you O God to empower me supernaturally in the name of Jesus. Grant that the weapons of my warfare will never be carnal again; remove every trace of carnality from me in the name of Jesus.
  • Lord, I ask you to intervene in my life; take over the battles. You know the challenges; you know the issues that need to be settled. Lord, I want to experience your hand in my career, in my business, in the lives of my children, in my home, in my marriage, in my finances, in my ministry, in  my health (mention the areas where you want to see God’s hand, be specific). I want to see your intervention in my health, I want to experience the power of your presence; I want to experience the blessings of your presence, I want to experience the glories of your presence, I want to experience the power of your outstretched hand in the name of Jesus.


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