Do you really love Him? That is the question. How much is He worth in your heart when the chips are down? Until your life becomes a seed, it will never produce harvest. If I had not dropped the things that God asked me to drop, there would never have been Holy Ghost Fellowship International today. It was not a very easy decision for me but one thing I have noticed in my walk with God over the years is that whatever you release in order to do the will of God is usually enhanced. Your seed leaves your hand but it does not leave your world. Your words are seeds; the messages of encouragement that you send out are seeds. It was easier for me to release money than to release my ambition. Usually, God does not show you everything at the onset; I never knew that there was going to be Holy Ghost Fellowship International! The journey of faith is not an easy journey but the moment you make up your mind to obey God, you will fall in line.

Everything you do in God’s kingdom must be born out of love for God otherwise, it will amount to wood, hay or stubble. Every person’s work shall be tested. Before we start teaching people to give, we need to teach them first to love God. This is the problem today. People give to get, they don’t give out of their love for God, and meanwhile, if you give out of love, God will not owe you.

Service in God’s kingdom is one of the things that provoke the hand of God. Service provokes divine intervention. That was what provoked divine intervention in the life of Cornelius and his family and the greatest miracle, the miracle of salvation, took place in that family. There was divine connection because Apostle Peter was connected to him, he got there by divine intervention and the following miracles took place;

  1. Salvation
  2. Baptism of the Holy Spirit
  3. Water Baptism

All these took place because of one man who decided to be used of God. May the Lord help us to put this to practice in Jesus name. The benefits are enormous.

If you study the life of Abraham, you will see a man who loved God to the extent that he was willing to obey the God-given instruction to sacrifice his only son, Isaac. The love of God will enable you to obey His instructions and as you do, the hand of God will move to intervene in your situation. Abraham had a covenant relationship with God and God blessed him mightily.

Solomon started well. He obeyed the instructions of his earthly father to the letter. At the beginning of his reign, he loved God so much that he offered one thousand burnt offerings to God. This must have cost him a lot of money. Solomon gave so sacrificially with the right motive that the hand of God was moved to give him a blank cheque. God was so impressed with him that He asked him to ask whatever he wanted. Because his heart was right, Solomon asked for wisdom. God was so pleased that He decided to give him more than his request. God blessed Solomon beyond his expectation. Do you want God to bless you beyond your request? Do what Solomon did. That is the key. The hand of God can move in the direction of your Christian service. The joy of service in God’s kingdom is enormous; nothing on earth can give such joy.

The greatest thing you can actually give to the service of God’s kingdom is your time; that is your life. When you give your life, God will take care of you here and hereafter; you will not miss out in the reward of Christian service in this life and in the life to come. You will have comprehensive success. God, by divine orchestration, will connect you to people that matter. The hand of God can do wonders in your life. Let His hand move.


  • Lord, show me how to invest in your kingdom. Grant me the grace and the boldness to love you. Help me to love you more than I love any earthly thing.
  • Grant me the grace to walk hand in hand with you and help me to be complete in obedience. Do not allow me to miss any opportunity to serve in your kingdom in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.
  • Help me to serve and help me to key into the anointing that flows through service. I know that as I do, my life will get better and move from better to best because I know that you are a rewarder of those who diligently seek you.
  • Help me, O God, never to waste my life on trivialities. Glorify your name in my life. Let your name be magnified. I trust you to work out your plans for me and show me your merciful loving kindness
  • Lord, empower me by your spirit; enlarge my capacity for touching lives. O God, enlarge my capacity for fruitfulness. Help my life to be fruitful. Help my life to flow out to touch lives nationally and internationally in the name of Jesus. Make me a worshipper indeed; help me Lord. May your name be praised in Jesus name. Amen.

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