Sunday service


The beautiful thing about the manifestations of the hand of God is that several years later, you can still see the testimonies of such manifestations in the lives of people. The higher you go, the more your need for God. If you don’t have God, the world will give you another god. This is the reason why so many people end up in cultism, serving other gods they never intended to serve. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. May God do wonders in your life that will advertize his kingdom in the mighty name of Jesus. May your testimonies draw millions of souls to Jesus Christ and make them know that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever so that before you ask them to say the sinner’s prayer, they will be more than willing.

The hand of God is the greatest protection anybody can have; it is the greatest shield. There is no safety anywhere today in the world outside the presence of God. It is only those who dwell in the presence of God that will abide under the shadow of the almighty. It is those who dwell and not those who visit. We need to retrain ourselves to be habitation minded and not visitation minded in our walk with God, because that is one of the things that will make you see the hand of God. It is not the hand that comes to do and go; it is the hand that abides that will shield you.  I read the story of how a Reverend father was kidnapped. He said that the kidnappers came out of the forest shooting sporadically on the high way but none of the bullets touched him. It can only be the hand of God.

If you want to see the hand of God, do the following;

  1. Add fasting to your prayer. Ezra 8:23, “So we fasted and begged God to take care of us. And he did.” Fasting intensifies prayer. The reason why fasting intensifies prayer is because in the place of fasting, there is self denial. It is like self demotion; you demote self in order to enthrone God and so God becomes your singular focus. You are saying essentially, I am ready to forgo satisfaction of my flesh, carnality in order to have spirituality, more of God and seek the hand of God. Fasting enables you to focus on God and remember that spiritual power is focus. “They looked unto him, and were lightened: and their faces were not ashamed” Psa. 34:5. What you focus on is what you are becoming. When you mix your prayer with fasting, the result is intensified. Especially if you know the right way to fast.

Study Isa. 58. Anyone who intends to embark on an acceptable fast must be conversant with this scripture as it will guide you on what to do and what not to do as you fast. Mechanical fast does not fly. It is like going on hunger strike. God is not moved by your fasting; your fasting cannot bribe God. The only way fasting works is that it sensitizes and sanitizes you. How does fasting sensitize? You will become so sensitive; your spiritual antennae is fast to pick the right signals. Your spirit man is released as much as possible to be in tune with the frequency of heaven. In that state, you can hear and see clearly. When you fast properly and acceptably, one of the benefits you derive is revelation.


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