If the devil does not succeed in distracting you, you are already on the right track. Distraction simply means to miss track. Anyone who is distracted has missed the way and will definitely end up in a wrong place; that is why the devil likes to use it as a weapon. Jesus is the way and not a way; anyone who misses Christ has missed the way. The train is very strong, massive and moves very fast but as massive, strong and fast as the train is, it requires some tiny rods called rail to keep it on track. Any time the train decides to run out of the rail, the result will be catastrophic.

I love the presence of God and am always very uncomfortable with people who trivialize his presence. You cannot be my friend if you don’t love God. Anyone who does not love God will find it difficult to stay in this ministry. Some people don’t really love God; they have only five percent of that love reserved for God while they reserve ninety percent for themselves and five percent for other things. It took me a while in ministry to realize that the greatest thing we can do for people who come to Church is to teach them to love God. This is so fundamental; so basic. We must not take it for granted that any one who decides to come to Church already loves God. what is God’s standard of love for him? “ALL” All means one hundred percent given to him. How many people can beat their chest and say, ‘yes, God, I love you one hundred percent?’

For a person who loves God, worship is cheap. Worship flows. When God is your all in all; when you love God, worship will flow naturally even when you are on your bed, you are in his presence and so your bed becomes an altar. This is the missing point today. If you love God, the fear of God will flow naturally. If you love God, you will be a worshiper and the only way you can be an acceptable worshiper in the  presence of God is if you are truthful. If you don’t have the spirit of truth, you are not a Christian at all according to Rom. 8:9 (TLB).

God is not looking for workers, God is looking for those who will worship him in spirit and in truth. That is the problem of the Church today, people are made first to be workers and not worshipers and so for the rest of their lives they will continue to work in the Church without the love for God. They are just workers who may even climb the ecclesiastical ladder and become bishops and archbishops but they are not worshipers. God is not looking for workers but for worshipers according to John 4:24, “God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth”. The spirit of Christ is the spirit of truth and the spirit of truth is the Holy Spirit. Every liar is carrying an evil seal, the seal of Lucifer. Every liar is an ultimate loser.

With your whole heart, fall in love with God today. Ask God to make you a worshiper in spirit and in truth.

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