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There was an incident in a very popular Catholic Mission school in Lagos some years back where a demon possessed girl started manifesting in school. The teachers made frantic efforts to stop it physically but to no avail so they called the Reverend Sister. When she noticed that could not handle the situation, she called the Priest. Unfortunately, he too could not proffer solution to the situation so the school went into an uproar. At the end of the day, it was a little girl in the school that saved the day; she was able to discern the spirit in operation, rebuke and cast out the demon in the name of Jesus Christ. That is a manifestation and the celebration of the hand of God.

Christianity is not a religion, if you are a Christian, it means that you have Christ and if anyone is looking for Christ, they should find him in you. The daughter of a close family friend, a medical doctor, suddenly developed a serious health condition and was immediately rushed to the hospital. His wife ran to my house very early in the morning and took my wife and I to the hospital where the girl was lying lifeless. The doctors including the girl’s father were helpless, they didn’t know what to do anymore but the hand of God moved and using the name of Jesus, we commanded the girl to come back to life and she responded. Today, to the glory and praise and honour of the Lord, the girl is alive and well. That is what it means to be a Christian. You must go out there and manifest the hand of God; allow Jesus Christ to flow through you.

The greatest problem of the Church today is seduction; the Church wants to be like the world, chasing what the world is chasing. If you chase what the world is chasing, even if you get it, you would have missed God completely. May you never drink the wine of success that will take you away from God’s presence.

In Acts of the Apostles, the hand of God moved ordinary people to do extra ordinary things. May the hand of God move in your life and cause you to do extraordinary things. You will be a prime mover, a planet shaker in the name of Jesus. Your life will be full of proofs. You don’t need title to manifest the hand of God. The same hand of God that brought salvation to mankind will move in your life. Remember that the greatest miracle is the miracle of salvation. Are you trusting God for the salvation of the soul of anyone? Is there any member of your family that is not yet born again? What was it that the little girl had that the Priest did not have in the incident narrated above? It is in the place of deliverance that you see the raw demonstration of power. You can feign anything but you cannot feign deliverance otherwise, your case will be like that of the seven sons of Sceva. You don’t joke with demons!

  • You will stand out in the name of Jesus. When you are called upon to manifest, you will not fail, your Christianity will no longer be passive in the mighty name of Jesus.
  • The world is waiting for your manifestation, your family is waiting for your manifestation; you will manifest sonship in the name of Jesus. Jesus in you is the hope of glory. You will not miss it in Jesus name.


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