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Some Truths about the Antichrist

We have been able to establish that the spirit of the antichrist has been in operation since the early Church and has been engineering circumstances since then against the Church, the elect. ‘Anti’ means oppose. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me” John 14:6. So, whatever is opposed to the truth of the gospel which Jesus represents is an antichrist. As we approach the end time, the activities of the antichrist spirit gets more intensified. Eventually, this spirit will put on flesh as a person and manifest fully. But the good news is that before the full manifestation of the antichrist as a person, the true church of our Lord Jesus Christ would have been raptured (this gives me a sense of great relief). May you not miss this flight, may you not be left behind in the name of Jesus. Those who will be left behind will go through so much anguish; salvation at that time will be by their blood. They will be martyred. All over the world, we can see the buildup.

We also said that the antichrist as a person is the personification of man’s enmity and rebellion against God. I have come to realize that evil has the ability to put on flesh whenever it wants to fully manifest. It has to be so. Working in the deliverance ministry has taught me deep spiritual lessons. Whoever opens himself or herself up to evil will become evil personified! We have seen the personification of evil in history; during the First World War, twenty million people died. During the Second World War, we saw the personification of evil in Hitler. Because he lived, six million Jews died. A total of fifty million people died. The man of sin is about to manifest fully. Prophecy favours him a lot. When evil puts on flesh, everything he manifests will be evil.

I was ministering in a deliverance session many years back when a very top member of the Church walked into the deliverance room.  I was surprised to see her because of her position in the Church. When the fire of the Holy Spirit fell, I was shocked at what I saw; she manifested so badly. I couldn’t help but wonder how she got to that level of contamination. After the deliverance session, I was so tired and was about to leave when she ran to me and asked, “how did I get so contaminated?” and I answered frankly, “I don’t know!” It is very easy to be contaminated. Evil is like dust, all it needs is one little opening; it will come and fill up the entire space. What the devil needs to operate is just a foothold. Give him a foothold and soon he will build a stronghold! He likes to take the driver’s seat. That is why it pays to flee from every appearance of evil.


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