Sunday service


“And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent” John 17:3.

Eternal life is not something you experience after death, no; it starts with you here on earth! Please take note of this.

We are in a period in human history which the Bible refers to as the ‘perilous times’, a period when it will be difficult to practice true Christianity. A close study of the world system today reveals that the world has gone far in trying to remove everything that ennobles; everything that God sanctified and instead introduced their own things. One of the mistakes that Church going people make is that they walk by sight and also by the crowd. As such, they commit a lot of mistakes. If you understand the nature of evil, you will run far away from it. When you vote for a right person on a wrong platform, it is a bad vote. Every platform is like an altar. When you vote for an evil altar, you have voted for the devil. You must be able to sift the wheat from the chaff. You cannot be a true child of God and be a liberal.

Liberalism means you can do as you please, do whatever you feel like doing it does not really matter. That is a message from Lucifer. “Do thou what thou willest shall be the whole of the law”. That is the only commandment in hell from Lucifer – “I don’t have time for Ten Commandments, I have only one.” That is the gospel of the so called liberals; those who propound that it does not matter if a man decides to marry a man, it does not matter if a woman decides to marry a woman or even an animal, it is their business! It does not matter if a woman decides to abort a baby, it is her choice!

The more you study the word of God, the wiser you become. Evil does not have a colour barrier; it has no geographical delineation. Evil is a universal phenomenon. Anything that is contaminated with evil cannot end well. Whatever the devil is involved in can never end well. The spirit of ‘let us alone’ is the spirit of self destruction. Whenever you remove the word of God from the equation of your life, you invite anarchy. Whoever wants to succeed in life must follow a structured life. The train is a very massive mobile machine that is very strong but it requires a tiny rail to move on. Anytime it veers off that tiny rail, there will be disaster. It is exactly the same with a life that is lived outside the word of God.

7. He will be very sly.
He will be politically correct and will speak Oxford English. He will be a linguist. He and his prophets will manifest lying wonders to deceive the people of the earth. 2 Thes. 2:9, “Even him, whose coming is after the working of satan with all power and signs and lying wonders.” We must be very careful. You are not supposed to be a chaser of wonders; signs and wonders should follow all who believe. Every true child of God should be a worker of signs and wonders, a miracle looking for where to happen and not to be chasing after signs and wonders. If you chase signs and wonders, you may end up in the temple of the antichrist and his false prophets.


Eternal rock of ages, most holy God I worship you. I ask you to fill me with your word and guide me by your spirit to live above the spirit of the antichrist and his agents in Jesus name I’ve prayed, Amen.


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