Sunday service


This Moses who was so meek committed one blunder however. This stopped him from entering the Promised Land. One episode of uncontrolled anger stopped Moses from this earthly inheritance. He only saw the promised land he never entered in. This shows that we need to submit. Holy Ghost Fellowship International is not another denomination. It is about partnering with the Holy Spirit. The only two animals who exhibit meekness are the lamb and the dove. If you look at Jesus Christ, when the dove descended upon him in Matt. 3, it never departed. Why? The dove met a perfect ally – the lamb. In the realm of the spirit, likes attract likes. Birds of the same plummage flock together. Alot of people cannot stand the bride’s message because of this.

My desire is to raise people who are passionate about the kingdom, zealous about the things of God. People who understand the technical dimensions of the word of God. The dove never departed from Christ because it found a resting place in him, it found a conducive environment in him. It found meekness in him. It found peace, gentleness, love, self control, goodness and other virtues in him.

What do you find in Christ?

  1. Fruits of the Holy Spirit
  2. Universal benevolence
  3. Divine dependence – doing the will of the Father.

When you fulfil your own part of the word of God, God will fight for you and you will become a touch not person. You need to be convinced in your heart that the greatest thing you can ever be is to be like Christ. If you are not convinced, then you are not ready to be a disciple.

Meditate on this –

  • Do I really want to be like Christ?

May the dove find a resting place in you in the name of Jesus.


  • Appreciate God and thank him for the great privilege of calling you out of darkness. He calls in order to qualify and establish.
  • Thank you Lord for grace, thank you for your call. I celebrate you. I celebrate your goodness, your mercies and your faithfulness.
  • Thank you so much for how far you have helped me. Thank you for the grace. Thank you for where you brought me from, thank you for where I am. Thank you for where you are taking me. I depend on you, O Lord, to make it to the promised land in the name of Jesus. Amen.


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