Haggai 2:6


  • Heavenly father, stretch forth your hand, shake the oceans, the heavens, and earth and utterly destroy everything that Satan and his agents have built to work against your purpose for my destiny in the name of Jesus. Let the thunder of your power undo anything the enemy has done to work against your purpose in our lives. Furiously exterminate their powers, covens, instruments, altars, and networks in Jesus name.
  • Heavenly father graciously release your ministering angels to the nooks and crannies of this earth with flaming swords in their hands to frustrate every agenda of hell concerning my life. Lord release your ministering angels to the nooks and crannies of this earth to furiously exterminate every agenda of hell with respect to my family, ministry and Holy Ghost Fellowship and members in Jesus name.
  • Every program of hell with respect to…..(mention the year), let it be completely exterminated. Lord send your angels to level every mountain, fill up the valley, make every crooked path straight. Take over the battle and give us sweatless victory in the day and in the night because you who keep watch over us neither sleep nor slumber.
  • Let the fire of your presence burn even as I go to bed in the name of Jesus. Keep every wild beast away. Give me victory after victory in the night in the day. Lord, I thank you because it is written the sun shall not smite me by day nor the moon by night. Keep me from the rain, dryness, heat from the sun, inclement weather (whether it is spiritual weather, economic weather etc.)
  • Through the finished work of Jesus Christ at Calvary, I declare my overwhelming victory over evil networks. I declare my comprehensive dominion over evil network. As wax melts before the fire so shall every evil network melt, dissolve, disappear, never to appear again in Jesus name.
  • Lift up your hands and bless God, give him all the praise, give him all adoration. In heaven, He won the battle, on the cross he won the battle, in the grave, He won the battle. Jesus Christ the man of war. He is the king of kings, the lord of Lords. He is the Lord, strong and mighty, he is the Lord of hosts, the commander of the armies of heaven. Lord, we celebrate your faithfulness, we celebrate your grace and glory, and we celebrate the power of your outstretched arm that has got us victory.  Thank you blessed lord. We dedicate the trophies to you Jesus. Amen.
  • We call forth our blessings that are trapped, let them come forth. Every blessing that any strong man has hijacked we call it forth now. Let our miracles happen, let the glory of the Lord be revealed. Let every embargo be lifted, let every blockade dissolve and disappear. Let the fire of God fall, let the name of the Lord be magnified. Lord, through the greatness of your power shall every opposition bow. The Lord shall increase us more and more in Jesus name. Amen!

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