EASTER,  Sunday service


We have identified the spirit of Herod as a very dangerous and wicked spirit from the pit of hell. It constitutes a major blockade, an aggressive one at that. The spirit of Herod attacks very strategically, it goes for the head using the principle of strike the shepherd and scatter the flock. We can see this spirit in operation in Acts 12:1-25 when Herod decided to vex the Church. He beheaded James and when he saw that it pleased the Jews, he went further to arrest apostle Peter intending to kill him after Easter. This shook the other disciples to the marrow; they were afraid and declared a 24 hour prayer chain, using the weapon of praying without ceasing. Their prayer provoked angelic intervention and Peter was delivered and released from prison. Thereafter, Herod committed a strategic blunder and was eaten up by worms. After the death of Herod, the word of God increased and multiplied.

Whatever hates your testimony is the spirit of Herod, it must go. Whatever is blocking the glory of God from shining in your life must give and the glory will be revealed in the name of Jesus Christ. All this happened during the period of Easter. Every after Easter programme of the devil concerning your life will be nullified by the power in the name of Jesus.

Characteristics of the Spirit of Herod II

  1. The spirit of Herod is the spirit of opposition to star.
    It is a star hunter. It is the spirit of blockade of star. Today, there are so many star hunters; occultic, Satanic highly placed people who gaze into the stars to find out what is about to happen so that they can control it. Stars are meant to be visible; you may not be able to see all of them with your naked eyes but there are people who can see your star. The battle of destiny is the battle of stars. Learn to regularly plead the blood of Jesus over the destiny of your children, plead the blood of Jesus over their stars, careers, efforts, decisions, and all their endeavours. That is the only thing that can blind every evil eye of divination, every voice of enchantment and every hand of manipulation for the purpose of control of their destiny. There are evil wills that are set to manipulate destinies contrary to the purposive will of God for our lives. It is our responsibility to use the weapons of our spiritual warfare to say no. One of the strongest weapons that you can use to blind every evil eye of divination is the blood of Jesus. One of the strongest weapons you can use to overwhelm that evil spirit that seeks to truncate destiny is the blood of Jesus.

Pray –

  • I raise the blood of Jesus against any spirit that wants to pervert the will of God concerning my destiny or the destiny of any member of my family. I overcome that spirit by the blood of the Lamb. You spirit of blockade of stars, I overcome you by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of my testimony. My star must shine and the glory of God shall be revealed, the name of the Lord must be magnified in the mighty name of Jesus.
  • Lord, arise against any contrary spirit that wants to truncate and manipulate the destiny of my children contrary to your will in the name of Jesus. Lord, arise against the evil will of another personality in the name of Jesus. The will of man shall not prevail over the will of God concerning my destiny or the destiny of any member of my family in Jesus name. Amen.


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