EASTER,  Sunday service


When God is moving, you must not park. Even in your profession, you must not park, keep developing yourself. Be on the cutting edge. Holy Spirit is not stagnant; Holy Spirit is a moving spirit. Follow the flow. That is why he is described as the river of life. Anywhere there is a flow, there will be deposits. Don’t park on your previous achievements. Can you beat your chest and say that your walk with God is getting sweeter, better, more fulfilling? If you can’t, please aspire. I have come to realize that a lot of people love to set low standards for themselves. Ensure that you don’t compete with anybody. Aim heaven.

Pray –

  • Lord, please don’t allow me to park. There are new levels to attain. I depend on you. Holy Spirit, when you move, I move. When you are moving, I am ready to move with you. Help me never to start feeling that I have arrived when I have not started. Help me to keep on moving in the name of Jesus.
  • Do not allow me to compete with anybody. Help me to recognize that I am in a commission and not in competition. Grant me the grace to understand this. Help me to keep moving and striving for higher grounds. Take me to higher ground. Lord, lift me up and let me stand by faith on heaven’s table land. Plant my feet on higher ground in Jesus name.

One of the hallmarks of a wise person is being teachable; recognition that you are not perfect. Jesus is your perfection, you are still learning. Progressively, you are getting sanctified and you are ready to drop the things that you need to drop in order to get better. Unfortunately, many people are not ready to receive the truth and without truth in the inward man, nobody can make it.


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