EASTER,  Sunday service


Herod intended to put Peter to death after Easter.  Originally, Easter was actually not a Christian or Jewish festival. The history of Easter has its root in paganism. Nimrod was a mighty man who masterminded the establishment of tower of Babel. He built Babylon and Assyria. He was an empire builder and by worldly standards, a ‘successful’ man. He succeeded in establishing a false religion – the mother child religion. He had an adulterous son with queen Semiramis called Tammuz. Tammuz was born on 25th of December but he died mysteriously and queen Semiramis and her consorts mourned him for forty days. The period was actually called ‘Eashter’. The mother son was queen Semiramis carrying Tammuz. It was 315 years after the death of Jesus Christ that emperor Constantine got converted and he decided to synchronize everything. The Church became one with paganism. For every true child of God, you must visit the cross on a daily basis and celebrate the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus and apply the blood of Jesus through the hyssop of your personal testimony.

Based on a personal research, I have discovered that the period of Easter just like the period of Christmas is a very dangerous period for the Church, the period of Easter in particular. Most of the havoc the devil wreaks against ministers of the gospel in particular was around the Easter period, some through fatal accidents. It is therefore a dangerous period when the devil arises using the spirit of Herod to vex the Church. The greatest weapon against the spirit of Herod is intense prayer.

Peter was delivered from Herod’s prison. Every “after Easter” programme of Herod against your life is hereby cancelled, nullified, of no effect whatsoever in the name of Jesus. Every Easter programme of hell concerning your destiny is nullified, it shall not stand neither shall it come to pass in the name of Jesus. Every evil decision taken against you in the realm of the spirit is cancelled, deprogrammed, it shall not stand neither shall it come to pass in the mighty name of Jesus.

Pray –

  • I plead the blood of Jesus against every programme of hell concerning my life, the hand of the wicked shall not remove me. Every evil hand that is set to vex me, I command it to wither in the name of Jesus.


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