EASTER,  Sunday service


The only way that life makes sense is if you look at life from the perspective of the life manual that God has given us, which is the Bible. Christians must stop being apologetic about what they believe. Why should I be apologetic about my faith in God? Why should I be apologetic about running my life in line with the revealed will of God? Why should I be apologetic about making the Bible my constitution in life? Every philosophy in life will be tested by life itself. Life is the laboratory that processes everything. Once you decide to follow a way, there are numerous spirits waiting for you on that way. With this revelation, you should stop trying to be like another Joe. You are an original; you are not an imitation. There is no other you but you. God loves you so much; you are fearfully and wonderfully made. He has given you a constitution, run with it that it may be well with you; that you may make your way prosperous and have good success. Every success can be qualified; there is good success and there is bad success. It is not every success that is successful. The only success that succeeds is the success in line with the revealed will of God.

The devil from time to time moves people, especially people in authority, to vex the Church. The simple interpretation of the word ‘vex’ is to anger, to oppose, to crush. The usage here means to oppress, to afflict the Church. The devil moves people, he enters into some people and makes them arise against the institution that God has established to fulfil his purpose. That was exactly what happened here. Herod apprehended James and beheaded him. One of the things you need to know is that the world will never like you. If you are a true child of God and the world still loves you, you need to check it. Every shepherd in Israel is an abomination in Egypt! The spirit that is in Herod is different from the spirit that is in you that is why there can never be meeting point. It is a contrary spirit.

You will discover that government oppression of the Church is not a new phenomenon; it started in the very first century – government rising against the Church of Jesus Christ. Governmental terrorism did not start today, it is the spirit of terrorism, the spirit that hates everything that is good and everyone who belong to Christ. It is an antichrist spirit. It took centuries of oppression of the Church for Christianity to be established a living faith. If you study Church history, you will discover that what actually weakens the Church is governmental patronage. The world entering the Church and the Church trying to be like the world is what reduces the Church not oppression, not persecution.

Verse 5 of Acts 12 shows the beginning of operation 24/7, nonstop prayer chain. The Church was stirred up to pray because there was fear. It was an existential issue, it was a case of survival and the greatest weapon the Church had was deployed. They resorted to prayer. It was a period of intense intercession. When the enemy is moving like a flood what you need to checkmate him is prayer. Twenty-four hours prayer seven days of the week nonstop, the apostles were praying.

In verse 6-7, there was angelic intervention. Prayer precipitates angelic intervention. When you pray, God sends an angel. Prayer brings deliverance. The chains fell off the hands of Peter. The power of prayer brings deliverance. Every visible and invisible chain attached to your life shall be destroyed today in the mighty name of Jesus.


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