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1 John 3:8b, “For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil.” Every work of the devil in your life shall be destroyed in the name of Jesus. The strong sword of the Lord shall locate the head of the leviathan and slay the dragon that is in the sea. If you succeed in dealing with the dragon, then, you can soar in victory over smaller powers. No power will be able to mesmerize you. If you can bind the dragon and sentence him where he belongs, no power can mesmerize you. It is time for the sons of God to manifest.

Raw power is about to be demonstrated in this end time. The children of God will confront the kingdom of darkness and prevail. There is also the wisdom dimension of the move of the Holy Spirit coming. Wisdom dimension combined with power; don’t forget that Jesus is the wisdom and power of God. It is going to be comprehensive dominion. Science is limited in solving the problems in the world today particularly if the problem is spiritual. Take a spiritual sickness, for instance, there is no medical solution for a spiritual sickness. The only solution to a spiritual sickness is – the blood of Jesus, the name of Jesus and the word of God.


  • Celebrate Jesus for the victory over the dragon. Celebrate the victory of the cross.  Jesus, I thank you. I celebrate you. I thank you for calling me out of darkness into your marvelous light. I thank you for dying for me; laying down your life for me so that I can be free. I thank you that in you, I have dominion over sin, over self, over sickness, over disease, over death, over hell. I have dominion over satan and all his demons, over principalities, powers, rulers of darkness of this world. I have dominion over self, over scarcity, over lack, over poverty. Thank so much. I declare my dominion through your finished work on the cross at Calvary.
  • Father, I thank you for your goodness, for your mercies, for your faithfulness, for the way you have packaged a wonderful salvation and delivered it to me. I celebrate your love, your kindness, your mercy and your generosity that made this possible.
  • Thank you that when we were yet sinners, you sent your Son to die for our sins. Thank you Lord that through his death, burial and resurrection, all our sins are forgiven. I give you praise. I celebrate the salvation package and receive everything that it contains in Jesus name.
  • Look inwards. Is there any habit you indulge in that you know is not right? Some Christians indulge in masturbation, lying, bitterness, anger, wrong use of the tongue, wrong confessions and so on). There are sinful habits that you must not get caught in because of the demons that such sins can open you up to. Behind every sinful habit are demons. Moses had one weakness that prevented him from entering the Promised Land. The Bible says be angry but sin not. Be careful. Don’t allow anger control you. You can ask God for a Holy Ghost controlled temperament and God will give it to you. Purity is power. Christianity makes sense only within the context of the pursuit of a holy God. If you remove holiness from Christianity, there is nothing left. (Don’t be an enemy of your own progress and then start looking for whom to blame). Talk to God right now.
  • Lord, I want to deal with this … (mention the sinful habit) before it deals with me. I no longer want to carry this sin; I am not going to leave this place of prayer until this sinful habit dies. Please do not allow me to be an enemy of myself. I ask you to help me; you know my weaknesses. Lord, please deal with them in your mercy, roll them away.
  • Heavenly Father, remove anything in my life that can give the enemy a foothold in my life. I ask you to purify my heart in the name of Jesus. When you look down upon me, O God, may your face always beam with smile in the name of Jesus Christ; smile of endorsement, smile of satisfaction. Have mercy on me, in Jesus name. Amen.


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