Evil Blood Covenants

There was a case we handled some time ago. It was a very serious deliverance session involving wicked demons that entered into a particular Sister. She was very pretty and looking at her, there was no way you could imagine that she was carrying such terrible demons. After the ministration, I had to interview her because I couldn’t reconcile what I saw. She told me that while she was still at the university, she entered into a blood covenant with her boyfriend in the most primitive way. They decided to cut themselves and drink each other’s blood. This is terrible! The lady was loaded with demons. From my study and experience in the deliverance ministry, I strongly believe that it is not everybody that is marriable. Before getting married, if you are not already married, I enjoin you to do the following:

  1. Go through a thorough marriage counselling
  2. Go through thorough deliverance.

The Bible never said three shall become one. A lot of problems facing marriages today border on issues that violate the simple marriage equation; 1+1=1. In marriage, one plus one is one not two and definitely not three. I was in my office one day when a woman brought her daughter to me for prayers. I noticed that her daughter was already pregnant outside wedlock. So, I raised an alarm and was about to rebuke the young lady when her mother cut in that I should not blame the girl because she was the one who actually encouraged the girl to take in. Really? A Christian! She even went further to request that I conduct the marriage ceremony. I immediately told her that the marriage could not hold. I advised her instead to allow her daughter have the baby and thereafter come back for a correctional marriage. They were not comfortable with that. For goodness sake, the Bible never said three shall become one, it says two! Whoever joins a pregnant woman in holy matrimony is joining three. This is part of the problem that a lot of marriages are facing today – marriages built on wrong foundation.

So, how do you correct this? Through deep repentance. Tell God that you are sorry and mean it from the depth of your heart and make up your mind to follow God. The crime is never in falling but in failing to rise. The crime is in not acknowledging the wrongdoing. When king David was confronted with his sin with Bathsheba, he was sincere and honest enough to repent. He was broken. There was no trace of pride in him. It is pride that makes people resist correction. Nobody can deliver a proud person.

  • Talk to God. Tell him that you are sorry. Name it now. Don’t hide it. This is where your deliverance lies.
  • Lord, you know how often I have missed your mark. I am sorry. Forgive me today, cleanse me and roll away this evil. Please, look at my past record and help me. In any way that I have given the enemy opportunity to come into my life, Lord, I am sorry.
  • In any way that I have opened demonic door ways for the enemy to come in, Lord, I am sorry. Every gate that I opened to the enemy to come and operate in my life, Lord, I am ready to shut it forever.
  • Lord, you desire truth in the inward part, I ask you O God, in the name of Jesus Christ, look into my heart and remove every trace of dishonesty. Help me to repent from the depth of my heart and to turn away from this evil in the name of Jesus Christ. Help me O God as I pray in the name of Jesus.
  • Lord, I acknowledge that I was wrong in entering into sinful covenants. I am sorry for every evil sexual covenant I have ever entered into, I am sorry, today, I repent and I break it now in the name of Jesus Christ. I break that evil covenant now in the mighty name of Jesus. I renounce the influence of that covenant over my destiny in the name of Jesus.
  • I bind the demons of the evil covenant and cast them into the abyss. I destroy their works and terminate their operation. I raise the blood of Jesus as a perpetual injunction against them in the name of Jesus.
  • Any of my blessings that has been hindered as a result of the evil covenant, I call it forth into manifestation in Jesus mighty name I have prayed.


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