Sunday service


Keys for Fruitfulness

  1. The key of obedience.
    Obedience comes from two sources – the revealed will of God as contained in the written word – the Bible. God expects us to keep the instructions of his word as clearly enunciated in the Bible. Any area of your life that is not consistent with the word is outside his will. Obedience positions you for limitless blessings. Instructions are meant to be obeyed. If you recognize that the instructions of God are for your good, you will be excited about obeying them. The One who is the custodian of life, the manufacturer, gave us a manual. If you look at the Bible as the creator’s manual for your well being, you will not let any day pass without feasting on it. If you want to be fruitful, you must endeavour to comply with the tenets of the revealed will of God. If you buy a new equipment and decide to throw the manual away, you will discover that the equipment will not give its best. To get the best from any equipment at all, you need to refer to the manufacturer’s manual. The Bible is our manual. Everything written therein from Genesis to Revelations is for our good; that it might be well with us. God expects his creation to bear fruits; he created the man and woman separately. It is therefore madness for man to begin to think of “transgender”. It is from a demented, derailed, carnal, satanic, adamic, fallen man – the will of the man in union with the will of the snake. God made you a man; you are fearfully and wonderfully made for a purpose. God made you a woman; you are fearfully and wonderfully made for a purpose. A man is distinct from a woman and vice versa. Man mating with man is madness, it cannot even be found among wild animals. This only depicts the level of degeneration in man, the twisted, and demented man’s will in union with the will of Lucifer. Some leaders have even legalized it thereby positioning their nations for judgment. The God who judged Sodom and Gomorrah has not changed; God still hates and judges sin. There is no limit to the extent to which man can drop without God; man without God is like a beast that perish. The origin of perversion is the snake in the garden. The first garden that the snake entered into was the garden of the heart before entering into the Garden of Eden. Deuteronomy 28:1-14, outlines very clearly the blessings of obedience. It includes sweatless victories, all manner of blessings, everything you need. That is what God intends for his people; he wants the best for you. You can take delivery of this best by aligning with his will. His will is the best for your life. Until you come to this realization, you will still be struggling.

Pray –

Lord, anything in me that makes me resist what will help me, please roll it away today. Help me. Remove every seed of disobedience from me. Transform my heart and give me a pure and perfect heart that celebrates your word and that is in tune with your spirit.

Holy Spirit, take charge of every area of my life. Teach me your word and lead me according to the perfect will of the Father that I may always say like the pattern Son, my will is to do the will of my Father. Let this be my testimony in Jesus name.


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