Keys for Fruitfulness

2. Throw away your idols.
God is a jealous God. God is love. There is always jealousy in love and that jealousy is borne out of intense attention on the object of your love. You cannot be in love and not be mindful of what goes on around the object of your love. You won’t want to share the object of your love with someone or something that you know will definitely destroy the object of your love. You will not want to expose the object of your love to an avowed enemy. It is the duty of parents to guard their children and wards. You need a guide. It takes humility to recognize that you need a guide. The best guidance you can have is the guidance from above. As mentioned earlier the word of God is our first source of obedience. The second source of obedience comes from the promptings of the Holy Spirit. The best guidance you can have is the guidance of the Holy Spirit. He will not lead you against the purpose of God for your life. If you want to be a fruitful person in life, learn to engage the Holy Spirit. Be obedient to his leading and promptings. The guidance of the Holy Spirit is a must for anyone who wants to be fruitful. Holy Spirit is the spirit of fruitfulness. That was why Jesus told his disciples to tarry at Jerusalem until they are endued with power from above. Who can guide you better than the Holy Spirit? Many years back before the advent of mobile networks in the country, my pregnant wife told me that she was going for her antenatal appointment. After praying with her, she left. Soon after, the Holy Spirit instructed me to go and take my bath. Inside the bathroom the Holy Spirit asked me to peep out of the window and I saw my wife walking down the road. He instructed me to follow her. I cancelled my itinerary for the day and went after her. On getting to the hospital, the nurses were surprised and asked how I knew that something was wrong. I asked after my wife and was told that she had been moved to the accident and emergency unit of the hospital. I spent the whole day and night at the hospital praying. To the glory of God, she was discharged the next morning. It was paramount for me to be there at that period because there was a problem and right there in the ward was an agent of darkness. At another time, I was invited for an occasion and at the very peak of the occasion, the Holy Spirit instructed me to leave immediately. My host was not very pleased but I insisted that I had to leave. On getting home, I was informed that my wife had taken my son to the hospital. On getting to the hospital, it was a very critical situation; the nerves of my son had already collapsed; the doctor kept battling to administer intravenous fluid. I prayed and the Holy Spirit gave me a strategy and that was it. Nobody can guide you better than the Holy Spirit. May you never lose sight of this in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. However, in order to hear him, you need to throw away your idols. The first idol you need to throw away is the idol of self – I, me, myself. The Holy Spirit does not lead anyone who is full of self because there is no space for him to operate. He is a gentle spirit; he does not impose his will on the will of anyone. He also does not waste words, he gives his instructions and that is it. You can take it or leave it.


  • Dear Heavenly Father I thank you for the wonderful work of salvation. Thank you for giving us your spirit till your work on earth is done. I yield my will to you to be led by your spirit all the days of my life in Jesus name. Amen.


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