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What was the special quality in the gene of Jesus that qualified him for this assignment?

  1. He was complete in obedience.
  2. He was humble. Pride brings rebellion. Defiance makes people rebel against constituted authority. Jesus humbled himself to the point of agreeing to submit to the will of the Father. He humbled himself to the point of going to the cross. It was not an ordinary death. Death by crucifixion was one of the most gruesome and repugnant deaths. It was so horrible that it was forbidden for a Roman citizen to be put to death by crucifixion. Jesus humbled himself to that point. There is difference between meekness and humility; humility is vertical, it is an attitude towards God, attitude of a surrendered will to the will of God. That is why God resists the proud. Meekness is a horizontal attitude. How do you relate with people? What was the nature of Jesus Christ – the nature of the Lamb – meekness. Jesus’ will in union with the will of the Father.

God’s ultimate prescription for the tragedy that happened in Eden is the cross. Every tragedy in life can be traced to one instruction disobeyed. What man lost in Eden, man got one hundred percent in Jesus Christ by that singular sacrifice – one sacrifice that settled it on a once and for all basis, shedding of the immaculate, precious, powerful, sinless blood of Jesus Christ the eternal Son of the Most high God. That is the divine prescription.

The Cross

  • The cross is the meeting point between divinity and humanity. 
  • The cross is the place where man’s fallen will was unified back to the will of the Father.
  • The cross is the great place of divine exchange where you exchange your humanity for Jesus’ divinity.
  • The cross is where you have everything that is evil dropped so that you can have everything that is good in exchange because of what Jesus has done.
  • The cross is the greatest display of divine mercy.
  • The cross is the greatest display of love. Even after man decided to unmake himself, God still decided to make man after his image of holiness, righteousness, and of wisdom.
  • The cross is the greatest display of the grace of God. The way of the cross is the way of glory not the way of glamour.
  • The cross is the greatest expression of sacrifice. When you talk about the blood of Jesus, you are talking about the greatest sacrifice ever offered.
  • The cross of Jesus Christ at Calvary is the greatest altar raised on this planet earth.
  • The cross is the symbol of dominion not only over darkness but over the kingdom of darkness. It is the symbol of dominion over sin, self, satan and all his agents, and all his demons and all his principalities, powers, rulers of darkness of this world. It is a symbol of dominion over sickness, disease, death, hell. A symbol of dominion over poverty, scarcity, lack.

The story is told of a seven year old boy who strayed from his home and was wandering on the streets. He was eventually picked up by a Policeman but the boy could not give his address. During the interrogation, suddenly the young boy remembered the church close to his house with a very huge cross. Then he said to the policeman “Take me to the cross, And I’II will find my way home!”


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