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From the Pastor’s Diary – My Encounter with Fire

It was after one of the early morning conferences with Jesus after reclining to bed that I fell into a trance and was told to go and pick a letter from the post office box. On getting there, I picked the letter and after opening it, I discovered that part of the letter had been eaten up by rats. I got out of bed immediately and went to the post office box where I actually found out that I actually had a letter. When I opened the letter, it was not eaten by rats but after reading through, I discovered that it was a letter inviting me for an interview that had taken place three months previously. Alas, the rat! Sustain whatever you are doing when you get to a level of prayer fire, don’t ever allow the fire to go down. Sustain it. I intensified my prayers and after getting a release in the place of prayer, I pursued the invitation. Through miraculous circumstances and divine intervention, I got the job.

In one of the nights in November 1985 after the early morning conference with Jesus, I reclined to bed and immediately after, I noticed a light of indescribable intensity invade the bedroom which I shared with my elder brother. The light in form of a person came through the door and filled the entire room and suddenly I became a bit apprehensive and needed him to identify himself. He knew what was going on in my mind and said “I’m the Holy Spirit of Christ, follow me”. I was immediately swept off the bed and was gliding with him. He took me to a very large field and we demonstrated what seemed to be the shape of a polygon at the peak of which he said, “stretch forth your hand” and as I did, he made the sign of the cross on my palm and said “you have received the healing power of Christ”.

Suddenly, I found myself back on my bed and as he was leaving majestically, the light moved with him. When he got to the door, he said, “you are not to use it now”. I woke up from that encounter with fire burning like a red hot iron in my palm. It burnt literary uncontrollably. I reached out for my brother and asked if he noticed what had just happened. He was oblivious of what had just happened. After sharing the encounter with him, he asked me to write it down and he went back to bed. I wrote it down there and then.

The fire burnt for three days after which it faded. It however re-appeared in 1993. By that time, to the glory of God, I had been baptized in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues; I had been baptized by emersion. By that time, I had undergone deliverance.

After that encounter, the yoke of poverty was forever broken in my life. Indeed, upon mount zion shall be deliverance and holiness, and the children of Jacob shall possess their possession. No one can outgrow the need for deliverance. At the end of 1993, I had three appointment letters, all good jobs. I bought my first car and first land in 1993. That same year, I became a COREN registered Engineer with a lot of other good things. Above all, the fire that reappeared in 1993 is still burning.

During one of our prayer meetings at the local Church where I worshipped, the prayer leader asked that we hold our neighbour and pray for each other, the fire was burning in my hand at that moment and as I touched my neighbour, he started spinning and fell. The fire got so intense that I was always looking for whom to lay hands on. Of course, I was very young at that time.

The greatest connection you can ever have is God connection. If you are connected to pure fire of the Holy Spirit and you are not experiencing financial breakthrough, you must press for it. Don’t take it lying low. Whatever the enemy has ever tampered with in your life can be restored in less than a year. What makes it happen? The fire of the Holy Spirit. The Lord wants you to make the most of what the fire of the Holy Spirit is all about. What you magnify is what you magnetize, that is what increases in your life.


  • From the depth of your heart, desire a fiery encounter with the Holy Spirit. Ask Jesus to baptize you with Holy Ghost and fire.


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