Sunday service



  • Ask God to grant you the grace never to worship a manmade god.
  • Celebrate the victory and dominion over the law. The law does not have dominion over us. Jesus has settled it. He has taken away everything that needs to be taken away so that we can have life and have it in abundance.
  • Ask for grace, supernatural empowerment to do that which ordinarily you could not have done and come out unscathed. Ask for grace not to be a money-chaser, grace not to chase money to the grave and go to hell. 
  • Ask for grace to be a God-chaser. Ask for grace to live above the norms of this age. Ask for grace to live above only and never beneath.
  • Ask for grace for abundant life that only Jesus Christ can give.
  • Pray that all the blessings of the cross will begin to manifest in your life today. Let the blessings that Jesus died to secure for us come to us unhindered. May we make heaven at last in Jesus name.
  • Is there anyone whose life does not conform to the glorious image of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ? Is there any who is heading in the wrong direction? Lord, I ask for your divine intervention, redirect us. Help us to get our focus right in the name of Jesus.
  • Yield to the Holy Spirit and ask him to take over everything that concerns you. Ask him to guide you and be your mentor. Ask him to mentor you unto all fruitfulness and greatness. Ask him to lead you ‘home’.
  • Celebrate the precious seal of the Holy Ghost. Terminate every contrary seal that you have acquired in the course of your interactions. Break that evil seal that wants to demean the glory of God in your life. Break that evil pull that compels you to do what you know is not right. Break the pull of lust of the flesh, lust of the eye, pride of life, nail them to the cross.
  •  What is that thing that is bothering you right now? What are your anxieties? What is the banana peel? Send it to the cross; nail it there. 
  • Take away every ordinance that was written against you, crush it at the cross. Break that evil seal of limitation. Break every curse, jinx, hex and every fetter.
  • Thank you mighty God. I leave the rest in your hands, Jesus Christ. I trust you for you are the way, lead me, help me, and empower me by your spirit. Thank you Lord.
  • Jesus, you have gone to prepare a place for me, please prepare me for that place so that where you are there also I will be. May I reign with you forever in eternity. Amen!

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