The Christianity of yesteryears prepared people more for heaven unlike what we have today where everyone is being prepared to be a billionaire. Jesus did not die to make us earth bound, he died so that we may become heirs of a wonderful kingdom. Children go for toys but Jesus did not die for us to have toys but to have inheritance. Incidentally, inheritance is the greatest thing you can ever have. Set your affection on that inheritance and your life will be better for it.

The wilderness is a battle field. Do not go into the wilderness unprepared; it is a place where you should be prepared to confront all manner of wild beasts. It is an uncontrolled place full of snakes of diverse species and of various sizes. It is a place of overgrown shrubs, full of wild beasts. It is risky to try to navigate a wilderness without the necessary preparation. Whoever goes into the wilderness without adequate preparation will end up being a victim.

If you have any trace of lust in you, the serpent will show up because lust magnetizes snakes. Lust manifests in various dimensions and if you don’t understand how it operates, you may fall prey. Why will lust attract a snake? It is because when God cursed the snake in the Garden of Eden, he cursed the serpent to be dust eater. The serpent, leviathan, feeds on lust. Lust is a magnetizer of the serpent, leviathan. Serpent is a dust eater. What constitutes spiritual dust is lust. Remember that in the Garden of Eden, where a perfect man was placed in a perfect garden, it took only one snake to bring tragedy to the whole creation. What did the snake target? LUST; lust of the flesh (what to eat, etc), lust of the eye (how beautiful and enticing, etc), pride of life (what you can be, etc).

On entering the Garden of Eden, the snake attacked the lust in the mind of Eve. That was the strategy he adopted. As a matter of fact, he has not invented a new one. The devil tried it with Eve and Adam in the garden and succeeded. This brought about the fall of man. In the wilderness, however, Jesus overcame him.

Pray –

Everlasting and most merciful Father, I celebrate your faithfulness in Keeping me and not allowing the enemy triumph over me. I ask you to grant me the grace to live above lust of the flesh, lust of the eye and pride of life all the days of my life, through the finished work of your son Jesus Christ on the cross in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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