Sunday service


4. It is what you crave (what you desire; what your heart pants after) that the tempter will set as your banana peel.
Don’t trust a carnal Churchgoer or a carnal pastor. Many times when a young man of age to get married approaches a young lady and tells her that he is in love with her, he is not saying the truth. This is because he does not even know the true meaning of love. What he is actually referring to is not love but lust as there is no truth in it. How can you give what you don’t understand? How can you find what you have not defined? Seduction is an art. You must stop him at that initial stage. We should be programmed to say no more than yes. A sister came out from her Church choir practice only to find the tempter waiting with a very porsche car. She accepted a ride from him; succumbed to his lies and was eventually infected with HIV.

Pray –

  • Heavenly Father, make it impossible for me to satisfy any carnal appetite that can debar me from making it to the Promised Land in the name of Jesus.
  • Father, in your mercy, O God, make it impossible for me to have an evil encounter; shield me from any evil encounter. Shield every member of my family and every member of Holy Ghost Fellowship International from any evil encounter in the mighty name of Jesus.
  • Lord, please protect and preserve me. Do not allow the enemy to say “aha, aha” in the name of Jesus.
  • Thank you mighty God. I receive strength from your throne of grace to say no to every appearance of evil and to overcome the tempter whenever and wherever he manifests in Jesus name. Amen.


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