Remember that these blessings belong to those who keep on believing. If you study John 7:37-39, you will discover that the river of life continues to flow as long as you continue to believe. The word ‘believeth’ implies – make a habit of believing. The mistake a lot of people make is that they love to make and break. If you connect and disconnect, the flow ceases. If you allow the flow, there will be continuous deposits. Anywhere there is a flow, there will be deposits. The Bible says, out of your belly shall flow rivers of living water.

Whenever the devil tries to project sickness into my body, all I do is sit down and remind him of one or two things, and that is it. That is how God has kept me in perfect health. The fact that nobody is prospering around you does not mean that you will not prosper.

You are better off with God’s blessings. Money does not have a character of its own; it assumes the character of whoever is in possession of it. When money is in the hands of those who are evil, they will use it to accomplish evil.

2 Cor. 9:8-12 (TLB) “God is able to make it up to you by giving you everything you need and more, so that there will not only be enough for your own needs, but plenty left over to give joyfully to others, It is as the Scriptures say: “The godly man gives generously to the poor. His good deeds will be an honour to him forever.” For God, who gives seed to the farmer to plant, and later on, good crops to harvest and eat, will give you more and more seed to plant and will make it grow so that you can give away more and more fruit from your harvest. Yes, God will give you much so that you can give away much, and when we take your gifts to those who need them they will break out into thanksgiving and praise to God for your help. So, two good things happen as a result of your gifts – those in need are helped, and they overflow with thanks to God.”

The reason why God is placing more things is your hand is not for you to accumulate. It is for you to be a blessing. May the Lord remember your good deeds forever in the name of Jesus.


  • From today, I will always have everything I need and plenty left over. I will have overflow of the blessings of God in my life in Jesus name.
  • Ask God to bless you and make you a blessing. Ask him to make you a healing agent in this sick world. As the world enters its darkest moments since creation, ask that God will make you a light to shine all over the world in the name of Jesus.
  • May you never lack. May you never falter. May you never miss God’s mark. May the blessings of God that follow them who believe locate you.
  • May you be mightily blessed as you step out and as you come in the name of Jesus.
  • May the Lord bless your aspirations in Jesus’ name. Amen!

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