In our first message on the matter of the heart, we saw that what differentiates one heart condition from the other is nothing but how one receives the word of God. How you treat the word of God is what determines the condition of your heart. We are going to look at the man who missed it but had the right heart. He had the right spirit and he cried and prayed from the heart. Every prayer that moves mountain must be a prayer from the heart.  Any prayer that is not from the heart cannot change anything.

I have found something that is common to every worshipper of the living God; “Passion” When you fall in love with God, the more passionate you become about his kingdom. You cannot serve God acceptably and not be passionate. David was not a perfect man, he made mistakes. Committed blunders, he was weak in some areas but he had the right heart. When he was confronted, he broke down and composed the wonderful Psalm 51. Each time I read this Psalm, I still feel the heart beat of the composer. Once the heart is right, everything will be right. Your word towards God will be honored and your prayers will be answered speedily. Before you finish praying answers will come. Anytime you sing and worship heaven will take note. This is what I want our meetings to be in this operation 18/18 of 2021/2022 in the name of Jesus.

Action Point

  • Declare Psalm 51


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