2021/2022 OPERATION 18-18 DAY 4H (LOVE GOD)

The blessings of true worship are boundless and they start from here. When we gave our lives to Christ in the early seventies, the messages prepared us for heaven. Somewhere along the line, it changed to other things – tending towards what to get. The songs also changed dramatically.

Pray –

  • Lord, deliver me and every member of my family from hurtful lust. Deliver every member of Holy Ghost Fellowship International from hurtful lust. Deliver us from seeking toys in the powerful name of Jesus Christ.
  • Grant us grace to always align completely to the frequency of heaven in the name of Jesus.
  • Help us to become people with heavenly encounters every night and all the days of our lives in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Whenever we go to bed, may it be a time of heavenly encounters in the name of Jesus.
  • I break away from foolish and hurtful lust, which drowns men in perdition and destruction.
  • Father, show me areas of my life where I need to make amends; show me areas of my life where I need to restitute. Show me the idols in my heart that I need to throw away so that I can fall in love more and more with you in the name of Jesus Christ.

A lot of aspirations are wrong as a result of wrong definition of outcomes. For instance, some people define spiritual growth as – “I was once a worker but now I am a pastor” and so on. You can climb ecclesiastical ladder without actually making any progress spiritually. True spiritual maturity is falling in love over and over again with Jesus Christ and our heavenly Father who sent him.

You need not be a pastor to achieve that. In fact, at times ecclesiastical ladder can shift your focus, it can become a distraction.


  • May you not answer a call that will mislead you in the name of Jesus Christ. May everything you do draw you closer and closer to the innermost place. May it draw you closer to the heart of God.
  • When God looks at you, may he acknowledge you as he acknowledged Jesus Christ – “this is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased.”


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