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As a reminder, I want to emphasize at least five reasons why Christians fall sick.

4. Carelessness. 
Carelessness is a killer. A lot of people are just too careless; careless with what they eat and how they comport themselves. There is general lack of observation in many Christians today. If you are not observant, you cannot discern. That is why the only ministry where ministers open their eyes while praying is during deliverance ministrations. This is because every move is a manifestation, every move tells you about a spirit. Observation constitutes over seventy percent of what discernment is. You look, you see, you observe, you discern! When people are not discerning they embrace their enemies and fight the people God sent to be their divine helpers. May that never happen to you in the powerful name of Jesus Christ.

One of the friends of the fellowship had a brother who had stayed in the United Kingdom for about thirty years. He decided to visit Nigeria but his Sister cautioned him that things are no longer the same in the country so she advised him to come through Lagos where she stays so that she could accompany him to the village. During their visit to the village, his sister was able to guide and caution him from getting involved in some activities that could hurt him spiritually.

After some time, the man decided to visit Nigeria again after the first visit, his sister gave him the same advice and asked him to give her some time to finish the assignment she had on hand so that she could follow him to the village. Instead of heeding her advice, the man felt insulted and decided to go to the village unaccompanied. He got to the village and started mixing with people he was not supposed to mix with, eating and drinking with them. In the process, he was poisoned through satanic technology. By the time he sent a distress call to his sister to join him in the village, his stomach was already swollen and was in pains. He was quickly flown back to the UK and treatment started immediately from the airport. During his surgery, a lot of terrible things were brought out of his system. He recovered and was okay for a while but after a few months, there was a relapse. By the time he got to the hospital, he was told that he had a little time to live. He decided to lock himself up in his room and stopped picking calls. He eventually died there.

What killed him? Carelessness! No agent of darkness will kill you in the name of Jesus Christ. Don’t be careless. One of the things the Lord revealed to me concerning a member of this fellowship is poisoned syringe which was administered by a medical personnel. I pray that you will not have issue that will take you to the hospital except for those who go there to deliver their babies. However, if the need arises, please ask questions. Don’t allow anyone to inject you with just anything.

Occasionally, the mistake is not deliberate, it is sometimes due to carelessness. A lot of people have been killed as a result of this. Be vigilant. God will guide you and uphold you in the name of Jesus. You will not be in a wrong place at any point in time in the name of Jesus Christ.

  • Pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit; ask him to uphold you, help you and make you discerning, grant you grace not to be careless, grant you grace not to be ignorant, grant you grace not to walk into any trap, grant you grace not to be deceived or seduced.
  • Pray that you will not be used as a guinea pig, that you will not fall victim to any greedy professional be it medical or otherwise.
  • Pray that the evil will of another personality will not kill you or any member of your family in the name of Jesus Christ. The Lord will protect you to the utmost in Jesus’ name.

My friend had a twisted intestine many years back. On getting to the hospital, he was literally ‘butchered’. There is so much wickedness in the world today because of profit motive. The love for money is killing professionalism in every sphere. You need to be very wise. God will grant you grace in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. You will not fall into the hands of a charlatan or greedy person in the name of Jesus. You will always be above and not beneath in Jesus’ name.

You may wish to ask Jesus the Carpenter to repair your life with this song:


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